Chapter 11 part 1

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Jesse's POV

It's been a couple of weeks since Seth showed me this beautiful house and DEMAND not ask but demanded I move in with him. Well what Seth demands I'm willing to do especially after I found out all those pictures and letters were fake. There's something wrong with that girl. I'm mean really who would go through such links to keep people who love each apart. I've ask him to put a restraining order on her but he seems to think it will blow over but I'm not to sure about that. I'm questioning her mental state!

We haven't moved into the house yet because we are having it all repainted. I've had a interior designer come in and help me design the house Seth told me I could because I had no clue what to do with it. I was just going to repainted everything white but he said no to use my imagination. So when he offered an interior designer I took him up on it. We don't want it to look like snobby we want it to look like a young couple lives there maybe earth tones. We stay at our own houses because there's no point in us moving in together and then having to move again in a few weeks. But we do stay at each other places a lot.

I couldn't believe that Seth was rich either, he says WE are rich but, it doesn't feel right to say its mine. I understand why he kept it from me. He doesn't have to work and isn't planning on it until he gets his teaching degree. He plans to either teach at a high school or a university. I was surprised when Seth told me his mother was a teacher, even though they are loaded, she had a passion for helping young children to learn. I thought it was so sweet he wanted to follow in his mothers foot steps. He's still working towards it and I'm proud of him. He went crazy buying baby things. I swear this baby has everything he or she will ever need then some. We setup the baby's room first. That was pretty much a no brainier. We just painted it a yellow and stuck baby animals and alphabets everywhere. It's pretty cute too. It's the rest of the house that we are having a hard time with. Thank god for the interior designer.

Seth takes me to and from work every night because he doesn't want me driving in my condition.

Which face it I'm getting pretty huge but Seth loves it. He likes laying in bed and just rubbing my belly because every time he does it the baby starts kicking knowing its his or her daddy. It's like they play a game. Seth will rub my belly the baby will start kicking and Seth will lightly push on my belly with his finger and the baby will kick in another spot. Like playing find me daddy. I find it funny. Except when he or she kicks my bladder making me have the need to pee. Anyways he stays at the club while I work then I get off and we decide which place we are staying at. The best part about it is we shower make love and go to bed. We don't have rough sex anymore. Seth says not until after the baby is born. I've even begged but he has this fear if we do he'll hurt the baby. Which is understandable. So I'll let it go.

Today is my day off so we are just bumming around the apartment when start getting hungry of course. I swear I eat constantly. As I'm sitting there deciding what I want to eat Seth comes back with a couple of sandwiches and chips and orange juice.

"Thanks babe." I chirp smiling fixing to take it from him. Which he put over his head.

"Nope you owe me. Pay up." He says. I laugh shaking my head standing up and standing on my tippy toes as he leans down. I grab the front of his shirt crashing my lips to his kissing him roughly. He brings down his arms wrapping them around my waist the more we got into the kiss. He breaks the kiss panting. "Your mine once I get home." He tells me.

"Always babe." I tell him confused.

"I'll be back later I've got something to do real quick." He tells me.

"What?" I ask him.

"Something that will make you happy." He says. I nod an okay giving him on last peck. "I love you see you soon babe." He says as I let go and leaning down kissing my belly. "Love you too." He tells my belly. I smile shaking my head.

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