Chapter 1-Wolf

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Author's Pov

Tao on his way to his home after his practice.Suddenly,he saw six wolf infront him.He don't know what to do.He was about to cry.But when he look at the wolf again,it disappear.Weird and scary.That what Tao think in his mind.

When he arrived at his house,he tell his friend about it."Guys! I saw a wolf just now!"-Tao

"Taozi baby,it just your imagines"-Suho

"Aigo,its scare our maknae"-Xiumin.Luhan,Kyungsoo and Baekhyun just smile at their maknae cuteness."But,I tell you guys the truth" Tao said while pout.He sigh then go to his room.When he already take a shower,he lay on his bed.Then,he remember something.The wolf with yellow/gold fur is looking at him.'Tsk,it's weird -_-" Tao said then slowly fall asleep.

Tao doesn't know that the wolf with a yellow fur is starring at him.The wolf transform into a tall and handsome man."You're so cute"

The Next Day

"Tao baby!Wake up! We have a school today!" Baekhyun shout from downstair."Ergh,fine!" Tao said then make his way to the bathroom.After 15 minutes,he go to the kitchen to enjoy the others."God,I thought you already died in the bathroom" Luhan said."Whatever,you little deer" Tao glared at his hyung."Yeah whatever,you little panda" Luhan smirk."Yah,stop it!" Xiumin said then give his dongsaeng a death glare."Mianhae hyung" both of them said then continue eating their food.

First chapter~hope you love it~

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