Gaara's POV

Our eyes met. My sister's lips didn't move, yet I heard her voice clearly in my mind.

Hello, Gaara.

Could it be? Yes, it has to be. My jaw dropped, and my heart began to race. I thought it was just a rumor!

Suzume smiled a little. "So... yeah. I thought you'd understand."

I looked up at the stars again. "So it seems the rumors I've heard were true," I murmured to myself.

She looked worried now. "What rumors, Gaara? What are you talking about?"

I found a pretty spot in the sky, where the stars were particularly bright. "I'm not sure if this is the right time and place. Come with me," I told her. I needed a way to speak with her in privacy, with no fear of Temari and Kankuro bothering us. We entered the house through her window, and I walked up to Kankuro's room.

Making a hand sign, I tapped his forehead, and nothing seemed to change. Let's just hope it worked.

"What are you-""

"Quiet!" I hissed. She nodded.

I did the same thing to Temari, then lead Suzume into my room. I closed the door, and my windows as well, pulling the shades down.

"Don't worry about those two. They will be sound asleep until we want them to awaken," I said.

Suzume sat down on the floor, and I sat on my bed, which had sand in it. Some spilled out from my gourd when I unpacked.

I breathed in, thinking of a way to word what I wanted to say. "There has been a rumor about jinchuriki like myself, that I heard..." I started. She watched with interest, staring into my eyes, urging me without words to go on.

"I heard that if the jinchuriki has a twin, the twin that is not the host of the tailed beast is the host of a strange phenomenon. It does not have a name,"

Her eyes were wide. My heart still pounded against my chest, and I don't know why.

"The creature inside the twin is almost like a piece of the original tailed beast, but with a different power. I have been watching you since the beginning of the Chunin exams, and you have been showing signs of containing the creature described in the rumor."

Suzume had an indescribable expression across her face. Although she was obviously surprised, she looked like this explained what she was experiencing.

"I have also been putting some of the pieces together. I believe my ability to detect only your blood has to do with the connection of the two beasts," The thought of Suzume's blood made me shudder in fear.

She spoke now. "So this means the voice... is like your Shukaku's?"

I nodded. "Yes. But keep in mind none of this is certain. We are the first twin jinchuriki in many, many years. The only other twins recorded were one of the first hosts of the three tails. So none of this may be true, but I believe it is." I concluded, letting out a long breath.

Suzume seemed to take all of this pretty well. "So what are we going to do now? How do I figure out who or what I possess?" She asked.

"I'm not sure yet. I've heard somewhere that the tailed beast, in this case my Shukaku, splits into two parts, but usually the second part is lost. With a twin like you, the second part is not lost, but remains as a nameless rumor yet to be proven. One part has the original ability, in my case, my sand, and the other half has something else. So chances are you won't have the sand-weilding ability that I have. But I will help you find what your capabilities are, and we have one month to do so."

"Thank you so much Gaara," She said.

"Now everything that breaks never breaks even. This means that my part of Shukaku happens to be larger than yours. Because yours is smaller, it was awakened much later," I stopped to think, looking out the glass of my window, watching the sun peek over the horizon. "I'm not sure how the awakening of your part of the demon affects mine." I concluded.

She looked out the window as well, then straightened up a little, as if remembering something. "How are we going to tell Temari and Kankuro?"

"Leave that to me. I will tell them when the time is right," I replied. "Anyways, I think it is time to wake them up."

Suzume's POV

I sat there, baffled as he stood up and walked away. So I have a piece of the Shukaku that has never been seen before? He said the other part of the Shukaku is usually lost when it is sealed into a person, so that has to be correct.

"Release!" I heard Gaara whisper. I better get up before they find me here.

I swiftly ran into my room and shut the door, changing into my clothes- a red, loose fitting short sleeved shirt, black shorts and matching black fingerless gloves, black mesh going up from underneath the gloves to my elbows. I slipped on by black ninja shoes, and tied my Sand Village forehead protector sewn onto a white cloth around my upper left arm.

Kankuro was already shuffling around in his room, and I heard Temari in her room as well. I headed out to the kitchen and started to peel an orange that was in the fruit bowl.

Temari walked out.

"Did you sleep good?" I asked, smirking.

"Yeah, surprisingly," She said, nodding. She stopped for a second, as if realizing something. "Wait, why are you smiling?" She questioned.

"Oh nothing..." I answered, remembering Gaara's sleep jutsu he put on the two of them.

Next Gaara walked out, no prominent expressions on his face. Typical. He sat down at one of the stools seated by the huge white countertop, and grabbed a pear.

Temari and I joked around for a few minutes, and finally, Kankuro made his way out, decked out in face paint again.

"So what's the agenda for today?" Kankuro asked.

"I am taking Suzume out for some training," Gaara said before any of us could suggest an activity.

"Alrighty, then. You guys better get going then," Kankuro replied, rummaging through the fridge.

* * *

"Kakashi-sensei? Why do we have to go train together?" I heard the distinctive voice of Naruto.

"Well isn't it my old rival Kakashi! Looks like we are going to spend the day training together." That must be Gai.

Gaara didn't seem to want to be near anyone. He kept walking.

"Here," He declared, stopping in the middle of a clearing with plenty of grass and surrounding trees. There was a slight trickle of water somewhere close by. Now I understand why he chose here. There are plenty of nature-related things: trees, water etc.

"Now," He began. "We are going to find out what you're good at- even if it takes all day."

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