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"They didn't tell me that first of all and second, i'm working the night shift right now. " your cheeks got rosy as Sunny moved closer to your face.

You moved your face back and he let go of your hand. You looked out the door to see if Gregory was still there but you saw no sign of him and Freddy.

You heard Sunny sigh, making you turn around to see him grabbing paper and crayons. He grumbled, grabbing the red crayon and scribbling letters onto the banner.

You walked over to him, looking over his shoulder. He wrote 'banned' with an angry face next to it on the large paper. He picked it up, walking away from you.

You pursed your lips as he walked away, crossing your arms and shaking your head.

Sunny had only one rule and it was an easy one to follow but you knew Gregory didn't mean to turn off the lights. You felt like if Sunny had listened to Gregory, he would have been fine. We could have kept him safe.

You clenched your fists unknowingly, tightening your eyes closed as you thought of Gregory and the moon.

You didn't want to find a dead kid on the floor tomorrow morning. You wished you'd done more to protect the boy instead of sitting and playing 'is he going to kill me now or right now' with the moon.

You opened your eyes, seeing Sunny walk back into the Daycare.

"We could've done more to protect that boy! Isn't that what you're all about? " you asked Sunny in a raised voice, slightly irritated. You had never raised your voice in an angry manner towards him. Sunny looked stunned as he crossed his arms.

"I had one simple rule and he breaks it! " Sunny started picking up the scattered crayons and putting them away.

you groaned, hitting your head with your palm lightly. "He didn't actually, the lights went out on themselves! "

"Oh, yeah cause that makes sense y/n. " he giggled , taking this as a joke.

"This isn't funny and it does make sense. " he shook his head at you.

"Friend-" he started but cut himself off with an exaggerated sigh. "I really don't want to fight. You're my best friend and i don't want to hurt your feelings so if apologizing makes you feel better. I'm sorry and if that doesn't make you feel you want a hug? "

You felt tears prick the corners of your eyes.

"Sunny..." You wiped your tears away, gently wrapping your arms around him. "I'm sorry's just i care about the kids and i don't want to see them hurt and you-"

"It's fine, i just don't want to argue.  " he wrapped his arms around you, patting your back lightly.

"I don't know why i switch up so much. " you sniffled, breaking the hug to look at him.

"What does that mean? " he stared at you, waiting for an answer.

"I switch my emotions quickly i guess. It's just i was just mad at you and now i'm crying. " he waved it off, taking your hand and walking away. You got dragged along, smiling slightly.

You both sat down on the mats, you watched him with intent. You closed your eyes, breathing in the air. It smelled horrible, like dirty socks and sweaty kids.

The stench made you have a headache, making you close your eyes and try to rest.


You opened your eyes, noticing you had fell asleep on Sunnys shoulder.

"Oh, you're up! " he put his arm around your shoulders. You stared at him, confused but shook it off. You raised your head off of his shoulder, his arm still around you. "You were mumbling some pretty weird stuff in your sleep, friend. "

"Like what? " you rubbed your head, hoping another headache wouldn't form.

"My name! " you widened your eyes at his response, a red tint covering your cheeks.

"No! I wasn't i was probably talking about the actual sun, not you. " he tilted his head at you, taking his arm off of you.

"Haha, you think the sun is cute? "

"What!? I wouldn't say an inanimate object was cute o-or you!  " you felt the urge to cover your face, hiding your very noticable blush but you sucked it up and didn't.

"Sure, whatever you say y/n but as i said before i think you're cute too. "

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