MGIAGF: Buy Me Some Meat

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Chapter 5

Jack and his oh-so-beautiful companion was still running, trying to save their lives. Well, perhaps only Jack. She's not really afraid of that boar. She's a golden fox, for heaven's sake.

And yes, she enjoys it. Him, holding her hand, running away with him. It's like watching a romantic film. Aw.. x)

They'd finally stop as he led her to a tree and they both hid there.

"It's not following anymore, right?" He asked, looking at the direction where's the boar is.

"It hasn't left yet. It's rustling over there." She said, pointing to the boar.

"Ssh!" He whispered, putting a finger on her lips. "Then, let's wait quietly."

He pulls her closer to him as the boar is walking right to their direction. Because of this gesture, she smiled widely.

Luckily after a few minutes of waiting, the boar finally left and they'd finally made it to the road.

As they're waiting for some cars to pass by, he can't help but look at her. She in a white short dress. Tsk, tsk. She'll be in a big trouble if she'd cross a bad person.

"Now, go back to the temple. And there are boars on the mountains, don't wander around." He said, as if lecturing her. "I'm not scared of boars at all." She answered.

He sighed. "Still, the world is a scary place. If you wander around messily like this, people will know how sick you are. If you meet a bad person, you'll be in big trouble!"

She just looked at him and didn't answer. He looked at her then sighed before taking his jacket off and wrapping it around her that made her smile.

"You're quite useful. I'm glad I saved you." She said, still smiling at him. He nodded. "Yeah. I'm glad I helped you too. I feel much better. Go to the temple and beg the monk not to punish you too much." He said.

"I'm leaving." And with that, he left our golden fox. She just looked at him as he walks away. She's right that she saved him.


"Emma, did you contact your brother?" North, Jack and Emma's uncle angrily said. Ugh. Seriously, is there something nice that his niece ever did in his life?

First, he chose to be a singer than to go to school. He's merely attending his classes! And now, it seems like he ran away. Wow. His parents would really be proud of him if they're still alive. (Note the sarcasm).

"No answer, uncle.." The 15-year-old Emma said worriedly. Where could his brother be? She's sure that even his brother's a troublemaker, he would not ran away. She hopes he's in good condition.

"He's so dead once he'll come back here." North said, crossing his arms as he looked at the window. Emma just sighed. Goodluck to his brother.


"What the--? He's still not answering the phone!" Once-ler frustrated said, looking at his phone.

Merida groaned, putting her hand on her head. "Argh! What the hell?! What's the matter with him? I'm gonna punch him once he'll get here!" Merida exclaimed.

"Calm down, Mer. Maybe he has a reasonable reason why he's not here or why he ran away. Let's just hope he's okay and he'll come back." Once said patting Merida's back.

She sighed. "Fine." The redhead said, rolling her eyes.


Back to Jack, he's going to a payphone and he'll call his school to see if his tuition's is already paid. The phone was already ringing when, he saw the golden fox, sitting on a bench, happily looking at the sky. His eyes widened as he covers his face. How the heck did she get here?!

Our beautiful golden fox, smiled and sighed as she's marveling at the new surroundings. She takes a deep breath, saying, "Ah. The world changed a lot since the last time I was here."

Then, a man threw his soda can in a trash can just beside the bench she's sitting on. Because of curiosity, she went closer to the trash can and grabbed the empty soda can, sniffing it. And eventually, drinking its leftover.

He just looked at her. Even though she's kinda weird, she's still really very pretty, he must admit. He sighed. "She really is very beautiful." He mumbled.

After he called his school, he learned that his tuition's already paid. Well, it's because if his uncle. He released a sigh of relief. Now he has nothing to worry about his school. "Yes! Nothing to worry about. Now, I can eat." He happily said.

Little did he know that our golden fox was listening. When he went outside of the payphone, she quickly stood up and followed him. When he felt that someone's following him, he looked behind.

She quickly looked away when he saw her. He narrowed his eyes on her before turning back. When he turned back, she followed him again.

He turned around, and this time, he'll confront her. "Hey! Why are you following me?" He asked. She pouted. "Take me to eat too."

He raised a brow on her. "What?"

"Buy me some meat. I haven't eaten meat since I was locked up in the temple. Especially cow. I want to eat cow so much.." She said.

Jack just looked at her. Poor girl, she'll do anything just to eat. Tsk, tsk. He went nearer to her.

"Miss Fox, you and I don't even know each other. So it's better that we part ways sooner before we lose our minds. Okay? Bye." And with that, he turned around. He was about to leave when...

"Jack Frost, buy me some meat!"

His eyes widened as he looked back at her. How the heck did she know his name?!

"What the--? How'd you know my name?" He asked, shocked. Seriously, this is getting creepier and creepier.

She smiled. "You said you're Jack Frost. From Middleton University." She said with confidence.

He was shocked even more. How the heck did she know about it?

Sighs. Seems like he's going on a lunch with her.


Heyo! Sorry again for the cliffhanger xD thanks for reading! :D peace out. :)

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