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Know what you are talking about. In the age of the internet please do not make up BS for the sake of the plot. In the age of the internet use Google or whatever search engine you like. Shoot, I'll even settle for you to watch A 5 minute YouTube video.

Sidenote or shade? Recently I was reading a book and the female lead talked about getting her period. She is supposed to be pregnant with twins. That took me out of the book real quick.

Another time I was reading a book that talked about computers. The male lead smash his computer because of anger issues and our other male lead had to rebuild the computer. After all, our male lead need a file he needed to retrieve off the older computer that was not waived to the company mainframe for some reason. I don't know much about computers... I said it in the comment section and ill repeat it now. If all he needs is a file off the computer it should be on the hard drive/SSD. You don't need to rebuild a whole new computer. You just need something that hooks up to the hard drive and that has a USB cable on the other end. Also, the old hard drive not to be in terrible shape.

Rule? Don't BS your way through your topic. 

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