8. Heart Troubles

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Septimus' POV

Steady thrums.

My ears strained to pick up the deep breaths close to me as their calming heartbeat got to me.

They were sleeping and their scent was a soothing thing as I inhaled for the first time consciously. Strapped down and restrained, I let out a groan as I tried to reach for the person I wanted closer.

"L—Let..." I rasped, still not completely awake. "Let me hold him!" I snarled, guttural from lack of use.

A flurry of movement had me snarling as hands tried to take my temperature and vitals, but I gnashed my teeth at them and my claws were out, slicing at the alien beings I didn't want touching me.

"Stop it!" I heard a clear voice shout and froze, as did everyone else in the room. "He's panicking; give him some time!"

I was?

"Just leave us for a little bit. He's finally woken up after three days," The pouty tone had me smiling a little without realising. The scent was getting mixed with others and I growled again. "Hey, I need to stay with him!"

Yes, he really did.

Still, he was being taken away and the door slammed shut. I let out a roar, feeling my entire body pump searing blood through my veins and the restraints fell away like paper streamers had been around them. I tore the bed to shreds as I seethed, needing the comforting scent of my... what?

The room was a lost cause as I paced, slashing and destroying in my tantrum, but my wolf and I came to an agreement that it was a small price to pay for taking what I needed from me. The door was little to worry about as my vision returned in a red haze, the trail of white a scent for me to follow to keep from killing everything in sight.

I butted my head against the metal door, hearing a groan before I rammed into it again and sent it slamming to the floor. My paws were making thuds as I stalked the trail, fangs growing as stupid people got in my way with tranquilisers. One snarl had them fleeing before I loped after Abe. His scent got heavier the closer I got to a titanium door, making me snort and drag my claws along the metal. Abe was yelling at them to leave him alone, to let him get to me.

They were stupid to deny both of us.

My claws raked over the metal, making the air strain as I clawed my way through. My bark of warning as I tore the door off the hinges was enough to send the doctors scattering. A tiny body hit my neck and I growled, backing away with Abe still attached to me.

They watched with shell-shocked eyes, unable to say anything as I turned as soon as I was far enough to run to the most secluded place. I barrelled out through flimsy exit doors, running into the trees bordering the State hospital, searching for the perfect place to just sleep with little Abe there to calm me down.

I eventually slumped into the long abandoned den of a bear, Abe letting go of my neck to card his fingers through my fur at my shoulder. "You really are persistent, Grumpy Fangs."

I huffed, licking his wrist as I nosed him around to be able to curl up around him in my canine form. He conceded with a breathless chuckle, practically burning up against my underbelly and chest.

"Who knew big old grumpy cop wanted to cuddle this badly?" He teased, fingers scratching behind my ears. I felt a pleased rumble shake my chest and his grin widened. "You're so sweet, Septimus. Even when you don't know you're doing it. This is all your fault!"

I let out a wounded whine, burying my nose in his neck. Just the thought of being the reason something had pained him turned me into a pre-pubescent pup.

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