Chapter 24: Come live with us in the palace

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"Ara Y/N-chan! How is your shoulder doing?" The familiar voice of Shinobu reached your ears and you glanced up from the book you were reading. Your face lit up, throwing your hands around Shinobu.

"Shinobu! Aww you came to visit me!" You exclaimed, Shinobu chuckling at your enthusiasm, returning the hug. The insect pillar cleared her throat, retreating from your warmth.

"I came to deliver some news myself, regarding the recent events." She clapped her hands together and her crow emerged from behind her, handing her a scroll.

The scroll seemed formal and you were sure it was from Kagaya. But why didn't he just send the crows? Maybe there was a reason but at the moment, you weren't in the mood for answers.

"My dearest children, I am truly sorry for what you all had to experience. This ambush was found out to be a one demon plan and not affiliated with Muzan personally.

As this is no serious emergency, my dear children can return to their respective missions.

Unfortunately, a majority of injured members were still affected by the attack and with the Insect Pillar's estate out of commision, you will have to take care of yourself or go to the provided wisteria homes," She announced sternly though you could tell there was more.

"In light of recent controversy, the best choice of action is to let the residents of the Insect Pillar's estate stay at another Pillar's place or rent a temporary establishment. Various belongings are being retrieved as you get this message. I will send out the crows once we can figure out the current situation we are in.

Sincerely, Oyakata-sama." Finally finished, she rolled it up and tossed it for her crow to catch and it flew away. Sending it to someone else maybe.

"So, what are you gonna do?" You asked, finally cutting up the silence. Shinobu leaned in, as if she was telling you a secret. Her gentle eyes stared into yours and she seemed a bit embarrassed.

"Ara.. Y/N-chan, is it alright if we move in with you for a while?"


Of course you said yes, was there really any reason to decline?

Your estate was off the grid, there was rarely any demons here (at least troublesome ones) and it has been a while since you stayed here.

You had managed to grab most of the residents from Shinobu's estate and they immediately followed you here. A couple of other members came as well, seemingly the injured folk who needed professional help. Oh, and Genya.

Who was awkwardly standing in the corner.

Oh God what was he doing here

"Alright, this is the space where I meditate, don't be shy, you might even pick up soul seeking!" You cheerfully guided them around your estate as Genya fumbled at the back, intimidated by the giant space filled with practically nothing.

Y/N had managed to guide them towards the living space, kitchen, where the bedrooms were and other things he didn't know needed a specific room for doing. The one that intrigued him the most was the one that Y/N quickly avoided, awkwardly guiding them away from it.

I mean, curiosity am I right? He would check that out later like the bad boy he was.

Okay what was that thought process.

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