part one: getting in.

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I search on the internet, "fun places to go" and the first option to pop up was something called "Freddy Fazbears Mega PizzaPlex" curiously, I click on their website, my eyes widened as I saw 4 amazing looking animatronics. I mark the location, and head to the pizzaplex. I arrive exited, and so ready to meet this Freddy Fazbear guy. I walk in, and I say to myself, "it's so crowded in here! I love it!!" I start walking towards an elevator that takes me to the main area, I watch the doors close, then suddenly two white animatronic hands stop the door from closing, and it was Chica. Chica handed me a party pass, and I thanked her and the elevator doors closed. I walked near the stage to see the 4 animatronics get lifted up onto the main stage! As they were preforming, I noticed an animatronic gator, his name was Montgomery Gator. I instantly knew he was my favorite. Once the performance was over, I used the party pass that chica gave me to enter "Monty's gator golf" for about 4 hours I was playing mini golf with a couple of other teenagers I saw around.

Btw if you're just now reading this, I'm gonna rearrange the beginning in a while 😍

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