Part 8

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Once again sorry for the huge wait. Been busy as hell and had no time to write. Life gets hectic at some points so you gotta play the hand your dealt. I ask the aame as usual but no one does it. Do you guys think I suck? Be honest and comment on the stories. This may be for fun but I at least wanna get good at this writing thing. All fair in love and war. Peace to those who need it Reaper494.

Part 8 Enjoy

Tori's P.O.V

I could feel the cool breeze of the northeast winds blowing cobwebs from my shatttered mindset. The last thing I remember was when I saw my best friend with a slice from ear to ear and a new ass whole ripped in her pelvis. She was only 13 and she didnt deserve that kind of torture nor suffer that cause of death. The blood had a stench of nothing I had ever smelled. I couldnt even bury her. What type of bull shit is this?! I dazed back to reality only to think it was a bad dream. Something I could click my heels three times and go back to the way things used to be. Then I realized the tent and the canyon I was in. My armor was off and lying next to me along with my weapons and crystals. I saw a fire about three yards away so I got up to warm myself. As I pulled back the covers I felt a slight breeze between chest and waist. I looked down and was shocked at the sight I saw. I was half naked!!!!! All I had was my sports bra and my shorf shorts I wore under my joggin pants and armor. I heard footsteps outisde the tent and tried to call my knives to me, yet all I recieved were headaches and side pains from where the bandages originated. I saw how they began to turn pink then red from the bleeding of the unhealed wound. I braced myself for an attack and crouched to the back corner of the tent. Then he walked in. The captured slave who fought off the raider. I left before I could see the outcome but by the scars and cuts I can guess he won. He was shocked to see me up.

" Lying son of a bitch. They said you were suppose to be out for another 3 hours. I have half a mind to kill that shaman nigga." said DT.

" Wheres my clothes and why am I undressed?" I asked.

" We got attacked again on the way here. You were to weak to fight so I gave you a pill to put you to sleep and put a shield around you. They were just scavengers but they gpt through my shield and tried to kill you. Got two stabs to the stomach and one slice across the chest. I healed the stomach wound nonproblem but knew I couldnt risk another attack so I brought you here."

And where exactly is here? I didnt know and didnt want to. I felt my powers returning with the fade of the headache. To be honest I was glad he saves me. He couldve left me to die in the destroyed palace but he saved me. I felt the tinge of feeling to say thank you but instead decided to toy with his mins to see what he knew and did he plan this all along. I sat down and willed my clothes, armor, and weapons to me. I then called for him. Like a good semaritan he came and asked what the hell do I need.

" I wanna know if what you say is true." I said harshly.

" And how you gonna do that?"

With that lasr statement I snaked my way into his mind, watchin every memory as if it were my life. He was telling the truth but his life was shit. The torture, the pain, the agony. It all happended and created this killing machne. Way better than myself, I knew I couldnt outfight him. He was stronger quicker and more agile. I snaked out and came back to reality and saw that he was sittin in front of me, legs crossed and metitating.

" I couldnt help but learn about you as you learned about me Tori or should I say Princess Victoria Torina Otura. Your the ninth generation of the Otura family and the last of your bloodline. Everything falls on your back but youbsont want the pressure. I know how you feel. I havent felt it but I know how it feels."

He stiid to get up but froze midway. His shirt was beginning to soak with fresh blood from the reopened gashes on his stomach. I motioned for him to come here and recieved the look like what the the fuck can you do?

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