Chapter 2: Summer Holidays


The hospital was busy and everyone was being supportive of Mandy. Henry was sitting in a chair, when they eventually agreed to leave Henry with her while the mothers talked privately of what happened in the house with the arguments. Henry noticed little bits of hair on Mandy head, not much, but a little. He stroked her head and smiled.

'You've got hair growing', Henry smiled.

'I feel much stronger than yesterday', Mandy replied.

The private hospital had very generous nurses, not like in public hospitals where grumpy and stressed-out doctors walked the scene. There were smiles everywhere and free treats and drinks.

'What does your mother do?' Mandy asked.

'She is an English teacher in high school', Henry answered.

They laughed and joked, and Henry even was in bed with her watching movies on his iPod. When night came, everything was silent. Everyone was asleep; even the mothers had gone home. Mandy had insisted that she only wanted Henry to be with her. Then an idea came to Mandy; she wanted to walk around the private hospital and just peek around at whatever was there.

'Are we allowed to do that?' Henry asked.

'I don't know, but I'm bored and I feel stronger than usual', Mandy insisted.

They both walked into the hallway, just walking and laughing as quietly as they could. They stopped to look at the moon, so big and majestic. They had never seen the moon so big. Henry looked at Mandy and looked in her eyes, his favourite part of her body, and, without knowing why, slowly and gently kissed her lips, only then realizing what he had done.

'I'm so sorry. I don't know where that came from', Henry said.

'It’s OK; I like you too', Mandy smiled.

Suddenly, a nurse shouted at them, coming at them with a cross face.

'What are you two doing?' the nurse asked.

'Henry Wilson, we asked you to stay with her in bed', Henry’s mother shouted.

'Mandy, you know you are sick', Mandy’s mother shouted.

The mothers did what mothers do best: worry about their children, but, as the next morning came, Mandy got taken in for more examinations, and Henry and the mothers waited patiently. When the doctor came out, he had good news to tell. Somehow, her condition had decreased dramatically, and some of the hair on her head had started to grow back. It was a miracle. Everyone was happy; even her father came home from work early. She was sent home and flowers were everywhere from her father. He hadn't been happy lately, as he was stressed from running his huge business.

'Thanks for the flowers, Dad', Mandy said hugging him.

'Anything for my little sweetheart', replied Mr Fleur.

Mandy's parents planned a party in two weeks’ time, since she felt stronger and healthier and was no longer coughing up blood. Her skin felt more elegant, and Henry was falling more in love with her, as Mandy was with Henry.

There is a forest near the big home, and Mandy and Henry went for a walk. The trees were tall and green, the blue sky seemed good enough to swim in, and the little animals played all about them. They walked for hours and hours just talking and laughing.

They sat down under a tree looking over a beautiful field, drinking some juice like a little picnic. Henry wanted to say something to her. However, he was scared that might frighten her.

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