cancer girl

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chapter 1: Cancer Girl


With ten bedrooms, the house was huge. Henry, at the young age of 18, lived in Manchester, and would be going to university after the summer holidays. His mother was best friends with the wife of a rich businessman also living in Manchester.

'Now, remember Henry, be nice. She is my best friend, and her daughter has cancer. She is 18, like you, and, she would love some company', his mother insisted.

Henry didn't really want to see her. He felt weird to see a dying cancer girl. The door bell was loud, and he could hear the vibrations pass through the house. His mother started laughing as soon as the mother of the cancer girl opened the door. They hugged and spoke of old times.

'Sarah, it’s been such a long time', Henry's mother spoke.

'Same Victoria', Sarah, the wife with the rich husband said.

They were welcomed in, and the servant gave them some cold drinks. In the distance, they could hear the cries of a girl needing assistance.

They stepped into her room. It was the biggest room Henry had ever seen, with a beautiful bed. Henry looked at her. She had lost her hair, but her blue eyes shone through, and her smile made Henry feel weird. He felt so much sympathy for her and smiled at her.

'Here you go honey', Sarah said, wiping the blood from her nose.

She looked at Henry. She smiled and spat into a bucket full of blood. They went back downstairs, where the husband, just home from work, went straight to other business without a word of 'hello'. Later that night, as the Cancer Girl's mother and father were arguing, Henry heard her start to plead for assistance, and, as Simon’s room being next to hers, he got up to help her.

'Hello', Henry spoke.

'Hello', the cancer girl said back. She was bleeding again, and Henry quickly wiped it off. They started talking awkwardly, and he got her name—'Mandy'—and he smiled. He felt weird inside being next to her yet so much sympathy and so much care for her.

As he was about to leave, Mandy spoke.

'Stay here if you want?'

'OK', Henry replied. He got in her bed, and they laughed and joked. She some times puked, but he didn't care and he didn't know why. He liked her blue eyes and her very nice smile. Such a beautiful personality he had never seen before in a woman. Her parents came in to check and left only to argue again when they saw that she was fine with Henry.

'My parents have been arguing a lot lately', Mandy explained.

'My parents are divorced', Henry said.

They put on the television and cuddled. Mandy had not had much company since she had been diagnosed with blood cancer. None of her friends from her private girls’ college had been to see her since she was ill.

They were watching a horror movie, and Mandy always cuddling tighter next to Henry when the scary parts came on.

'How long are you staying, Henry?'

'Only for the holidays', Henry replied.

'Tomorrow is Monday. I'd love it if you could join me. Only if you want?' Mandy questioned intensely.

'Of course, I would. I will stay all night with you', smiled Henry.

This made Mandy very happy, for she had a friend with her now. She liked Henry's smile and nice nature. They could both hear her parents becoming louder, but they didn't care, the way they were looking at each other. Henry's mother was sleeping in another guest room, probably finding the argument between Mandy’s parents awkward.

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