S3 Chapter 2: Beherit VS The World!!

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*It had been some time after Bella had completely decimated Ragnaruk and Bella stood alone in the Throne Room alone as she watched her Beherit spin and race around the stadium with full speed*

Bella: That's it Beherit! Soon we'll get even stronger than the world can even fathom!

*Bellas little sister, Ikari came into the room and she brought out a plate of cookies for her*

Ikari: Big sis! Grandpa made some cookies for you!

*Bella looked over and smiled towards her little sister*

Bella: That's so kind of ya'll Ikari, just sit them over on the table, i'll eat them in a little bit.

*Ikari went over and placed the plate on the table and walked back over towards the stadium where Bella still trained*

Ikari: Are you really training for whatever opponent is gonna come your way next?

Bella: Mhm! I'll train as hard as i can and i'll defeat anyone who enters the gates of this castle!

*An alarm went off and Ikari pulled up the screen, 2 bladers had made it to the gates of the Castle Of Demise*

Ikari: It would appear that you have some visitors.

*Bella looked up at the screen and saw the 2 bladers, one was Rashad Goodman and the other being Valt Aoi*

Bella: Looks like there's a 2 for 1 deal on bladers tonight, open the gates Ikari.

*The gates to the castle opened and both Valt and Rashad were a bit surprised*


Rashad: Looks like they know we're here.

Valt: Well too late to turn back now.


Ikari: The tall one is Rashad Goodman also known as the Supreme King, his bey is a balance type called Greatest Raphael. I've seen this dudes battles and he seems to have the real stuff.

Bella: Who's the blue one?

*Ikari began to search through the data and was completely shocked when she finds Valts data*

Ikari: EHHH!!!!

Bella: What is it?!

Ikari: That guy is Valt Aoi!!!

*Bella stared back up at the stadium in amazement*

Bella: You mean that's Valt Aoi!?

Ikari: That's right! He's said to be the Legend Of Legends and the wbba's official World Champion! His bey is an incredible attack type called Ultimate Valkyrie!!

Bella: Ultimate Valkyrie you say?

*Bella looks up at the screen and she began to smile wide*

Bella: So you're here, Valt Aoi.. it'll be the greatest honor to defeat you for sure. Ikari, get the antenna ready! We're gonna show the world this awesome battle.

---In New York---

*Athena and Lane were training with the Bladers of the New York Bulls until they see the broadcast coming from the Castle Of Demise.*

Lane: Another one?

Athena: I wonder who she's facing this time.

*The broadcast started and Bella came on screen*

Bella: Bladers of the blading world, listen up! I, Bella Akazara have a very special battle for you all.

*The camera switched over and it showed Rashad and Valt standing there*

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