chapter 1

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Hey guys! This is my 2nd story because I do not under stand my story so I deleted it so this is my second book so hope you like it and sorry for the misspelled words and grammars so read it

I do not own fairy Tail but hiro mashima does

****************************  no ones p♥v

It was a nice day at the guild every one is normal gray and natsu fighting,elfman is blabbing about being a man,cana drinking some beer and familliar blond girl sitting near the bar drinking a strawberry milkshake(you know who she is,gihi)

Suddenly the guild doors open and revealling a short white haired girl in a blue dress and she said "I'm back minna!" The guild went silent and they suddenly yelled "lisanna!"

Except for lucy,wendy,juvia,gajeel and the exceeds

Lulu's/lucy pov

I know about lisanna because natsu always talk about her and I hope we could be friends.


Short chapie

See ya guys!!!


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