Bright Lights

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You woke up to the eerie hospital lights drilling into your eyes. You thought you had only passed out. Why were you in a hospital?

"Hey, look who's awake." You focused your vision towards JJ sitting in a chair across the room. "How are you feeling?" She asked. "I feel fine, I thought I only passed out did something else happen?" "You scraped your knee pretty bad when you hit the ground. Spencer insisted on bringing you in to make sure it wasn't infected." You smiled at the thought. That sounds like something Reid would do. You let out a breathy laugh before asking JJ to go find Spencer for you.  A few seconds later she returned with the tall genius leaning against the door frame. 

"How are you feeling?" He rasped. He must have been sleeping. Spencer was always kind towards you since the first day you joined the BAU. The two of you never really shared any heart-to-heart moments but you've always been fond of him. You enjoyed listening to him talk, no matter the subject. You think he was just grateful to have someone who would listen. You know Spencer had been through a lot throughout his career with the FBI. You don't know the specifics but you're not one to pry either considering you had trauma of your own. As scary as it sounds, Spencer reminded you quite a bit of Kylian. Both were highly intelligent and dedicated workers. The only difference between the two was that Spencer wasn't a sociopath. 

You thanked Spencer for his concern and assured him you were fine. as you were filling out your discharge papers Spencer informed you they had found their suspect, Cecil Frey. You can't lie- you were quite disappointed when you didn't hear your brothers name fall out of spencers mouth. Two arrests weren't enough for Kylian. You wanted him to suffer just as much as you did when he proved to you that his buddies he has known for 24 hours were more important to him than his own damn sister. Violent was the last word to describe you - but nothing eased your mind more than the thought of Kylian dead. 

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