21: Greyson

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I'm still holding Kennedy's belt loop and have no plan on letting go as we walk through Sanders apartment. No chance, since she'll probably take the first chance she has to bolt.

As we wait for the elevator, I look down at her and soak her in. She looks fucking perfect. Her blonde hair falls in soft waves around her face and her barely there makeup makes her eyes and lips pop.

Her bare stomach has me clenching my fists and taking a deep breath. Did she know how many guys would be here? I'm guessing not considering every time a new person walking in she looked just as shocked and afraid as the time before, but still.

Every single guy here as checked her out, even the guy who brought his girlfriend and even her friends who I definitely wasn't relieved to find out are gay.

You need help.

"Greysonnnn!" My head falls make and a groan catches in my throat. Fucking Lexi.

She was always a bit annoying with her nasally voice and constant touching, but she was Sanders friend so I put up with it.

Now? Now I'm fucking sick and tired of it.

All night it was Greyson this and Greyson that. "Let's talk about life," "let's go out on the balcony it's too hot in here," "come on Greyson let's go talk to this bitch I know from five years ago that you hate."

I'm already in the dog house with Sanders for what happened with Kennedy, so I tried to tolerate Lexi, I really did, but I think I might snap.

I don't bother turning around—because I don't want to talk to her—and instead pull Kennedy into the open elevator.

"Greyson, I think Lexi's trying to talk to you." Kennedy says quietly in front of me and I can't help my scowl. Can she not tell I don't want to talk to her?

"She's fine." I've already pressed the lobby button, so I go to press the close doors button to get us moving. A hand with long fake nails that have me curling my lip land on the door.

"Grey, can we talk for a minute?"

Just as I open my mouth to tell her to fuck off and let me take Kennedy home, a hand lands on my wrist, sending sparks up my arm.

"It's fine, go talk." I'm so shocked she willing touched me after acting like she can't stand me for almost a week that I don't protest when she peels my fingers from her belt loop and pushes me out of the elevator.

The musics so fucking loud and there's so many people here that I don't hear what Kennedy says, but I see her mouth move and her hand reach for the buttons.

Then the elevator doors are closing.

What the fuck?

"Ugh, finally. Okay Grey baby, let's go play beer pong." A clammy hand smacks down on mine and I shake it off.

"What the fuck does finally mean?" Is she trying to say she's happy Kennedy's gone? She's be fucking lucky to have Kennedy even look at her and she's being a fucking bitch?

"Oh come on, you saw how she was just moping around and being weird. It's a party, it's supposed to be fun. She's not fun. Now come on." My heart rate picks up a little and the urge to defend Kennedy surfaces so fast I don't have time to control what comes out of my mouth. She doesn't like meeting a lot of new people.

She tries to reach for me again but I avoid her.

"Don't you fucking talk about her Lexi. And don't fucking touch me." I tolerated her for long enough. I'm done.

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