This wasn't supposed to happen

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You counted the tan coloured leaves as they fell onto the pavement at the park. seventeen, eighteen, nineteen-

     You watched the red and blue flashing lights in the reflection of JJ's sunglasses in front of you. Take a deep breath. Slowly, you push yourself up from the park bench and lug over to the nearest SUV.  As soon as the door shut the tears started to flow down your face. Cupping your hand over your mouth helped muffle the sobs falling from your lips.

Just as you start to pull yourself together you hear a gentle tap on the car window. You turn and lock eyes with Spencer with a concerned look on his face. Quickly wiping under your eyes, you step out of the vehicle - fixing your composure so he doesn't suspect anything odd.

"Did you find her?", you ask quietly. He doesn't reply. You felt your heart sink in your chest a little. Tears pricked at the corner of your eyes threatening to fall, but they don't. You shakily inhale through your mouth, "Show me the body." 

The sound of the leaves crunching beneath your feet is somewhat comforting as you approach the black body bag laid out in front of you. You feel spencer grip your wrist and you became suddenly aware of the hot tears streaming down your face. "Everything okay?", he asked gently. "No, but it will be eventually." "You know i'm always here to listen." He was fumbling with his fingers and picking at his skin. "I know I ramble a lot and seem to have an answer to everything but i'm also a great listener." The tears fell faster down your cheek. Your knees begin to buckle and just as you're about to colapse onto the ground you feel arms wrap around you - gently helping you onto the grass. 

There was not enough oxygen in the world to fill your lungs in this moment. You became aware of your chest rapidly rising and falling and the harder you tried to slow your heart beat, the harder it became to stay awake. The last thing you remember before blacking out was spencer quietly whispering 'breathe'. 


When you were a child, you spent every second of everyday with your brother. Kylian.  The two of you were practically fused at the sides. After all he was your twin. Not identical, yet you saw every bit of him in you and you in him. 

You knew everything about each other, yet something about him always made you feel uneasy. He was always violent, getting into fights at school and he was secretive. And not in a good way. To be truly honest, he terrified you. You feared him more than you feared the serial killers you encountered on the job. He carried this power with him that sent shivers down your entire body.

you hadn't seen Kylian in years. Not since his buddies tortured you in your own basement. Kylian ruined your life and he knew that and yet here you were - still waiting on his apology. 

You've bailed him out of jail twice without any exchange of words. He was a horrible person. When your parent s died you and Kylian were forced to take care of yourselves. Kylian made a clear decision he wanted nothing to do with you when he joined the 'Red Room' . And yet the worst part is you thought about him every. damn. day. 

He constantly lingered in the back of your mind. He didn't give a shit about you. If he had maybe he wouldn't have joined a drug cartel mob that works hand in hand with contract killers. You'd be shocked if he was still alive.

The BAU had taken on a case involving a known drug dealer in chicago, where you grew up. The team had found a 17 year old girl buried in a pile of leaves in Tallon Park, the park you and Kylian used to hang out at as teenagers. He was the only thing on your mind this entire case and the very thought that he would do something like this made you nauseas. What really broke you was seeing that 17 year old girl laying lifeless in the leaves.

She looked just like you. 

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