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"Only Sunny can say that. " you kicked the moon in his leg, knowing you'd have to repair that later, and ran into the play place. You caught sight of a generator that was not yet on and pulled the lever, activating it.

You looked around for Gregory but you couldn't find him, meaning he was probably in the other play structure.

"Damnit.." You mumbled, following a wire to hopefully find a generator. The wire led across the open mats to the other play place. You sighed, running as fast as you could to the other structure.

You hadn't seen the moon in awhile, it worried you. What if he had caught Gregory?

You looked around the new area, crawling through the tunnels. You weren't a small kid anymore, it was hard to do this.

"Gregory? " you whisper yelled, turning your head to look outside the play place and see if you could see him. "Gregory? " you said a bit louder.

Suddenly, the lights turned back on which sent a wave of relief to you. You took the quickest exit, the slide, and looked around for Gregory.

You spotted him about to press another button and, not wanting to take any chances, you ran over and grabbed him.

"Why'd you turn off the lights! Don't go pressing buttons without thinking! " you felt bad for yelling at the boy, he probably didn't know any better. You put him down, rubbing your nose bridge. "Listen, just- "

You were interrupted by a high pitched voice, you knew it was Sunny's immediately.

"Rule breaker! Rule breaker! you are banned from the daycare! " he grabbed Gregory, opening the door to the daycare and throwing him out. You noticed the animatronics roaming around and panicked for the safety of the boy. "Security alert! Security alert! Woo, woo, woo, woo! " you slipped out of the daycare before Sunny could close the door, muttering a 'sorry' as you went past him. "Y/n! Get back in here! "

You looked towards the boy, who was already climbing into Freddy. You raised a brow but didn't have time to process it as Sunny pulled you back in the daycare.

"Sunny, we can't just leave him out there! " you shook you head, trying to pull your hand away.

"Rule number 2, you can't leave the daycare as long as you're working. Didn't they tell you that? "

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