Finally, the part you guys have all been waiting for, is now here. Again, DISCLAIMER!! There are triggerings in this part. If you don't want to read this part, go ahead and skip. Just so you know, this is just a fanfiction. You guys are too fucking beautiful to be doing this shit. I've been through it, and millions as well. Well then. Let's get going! ~NerdyTomboy

Your POV

I start to get worried. I really don't want him to check me. He's going to leave, like everyone else did.

Sadly, as much as I didn't want him to, he freaking checked me. He lifted up my sleeve, only to find scars and cuts.

"Y/N, why?"

I start to tear up. Why didn't he run away?

"I.. I," I began to say. I couldn't speak. There was no use.

"I have lived a-a sh-sh-shitty life, okay?" I managed to stutter out.


Suddenly, he hugs me. I'm shocked with the facts that he didn't run away, and that he stayed to hug me.

Mori's POV

I can't believe y/n does this to herself. Who would hurt her? She's so beautiful and kind..

"y/n, who did this to you?"

Your POV

"y/n, who did this to you?"

Am I really going to tell this guy my backstory? This guy I just met today? Well, fuck it. Here goes nothing.

"I'm living a really fucked up life as you can now see. I was always bullied and always got into fights. I would always argue with my mom and dad, and.. and.. I found out how to do this on the Internet. So, one day, I just picked up a knife, and, well, you know the rest.

"How long have you been doing this to yourself," Mori asks me.

"Well, I started doing it when my mom passed away. It was my parents' wedding day. We were all in the chapel, and as they were about to exchange thier vows, some drunk dumbass with a gun came in and.. and.." I pause, as I replayed all those horrific memories in my head.


"Now, you see? How much of a monster I am? Why didn't you leave? Everyone leaves me, but why haven't you?" I look at him, straight in the eyes.

"Because, y/n, I care about you."

That sentence right there, literally killed me, and resurrected my soul.

Okay, how about that? To be honest, I'm kind of proud of myself, but I practically cried while writing this. This didn't happen to me, thankfully. But, anyways, if you guys are suffering from bullying, depression, and doing harmful shit to yourself, you shouldn't. All of you, AND I MEAN ALL OF YOU GUYS ARE BEAUTIFUL. You don't need fucking society to put you down. You go up to that person who is hurting you, raise your middle fingers up, and say,"BITCH, I DON'T FUCK WITH YOU. YOU LITTLE STUPID ASS BITCH!! I WOULDN'T BE TALKING ANYWAYS, BEOOTCH!! Anyways, done with my preaching. Remember, you guys are beautiful and I love you. >3<


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