Chapter 1

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Authors Note: I'm sorry this chapter is so uneventful, I find it kinda hard to set the scene quickly.

I hope you all enjoy!


I groaned as my alarm went off for the third time this morning, I turned over and hit the snooze button as I burried my face back into the pillow. A few moments later and I heard my phone buzz, I rolled my eyes in annoyance as I sat up and grabbed my phone, I looked at the screen and read the text I had recieved

'Good morning Tyler, I hope you have a good start this morning, love Mom. xx'

I smiled as I read the text. I put my phone down and stretched as I looked at the alarm. 7.15am. I had plenty of time to get ready and get to school. Today was my first day at a new school, it my last year and my mother had agreed I would focus best for my final exams at a new school away from all the drama and stereotyping of my old one, I had decided to move away from home to get a completely fresh start in Scranton, Pennsylvania. I moved down here a few weeks ago, my Aunt lives down here but I don't live with her, she got me a small house and she's willing to pay rent for me until I finish school and can afford it on my own, I'm very grateful for it.

I dragged myself out of bed and into my en-suite bathroom getting undressed out of my pjyamas and stepping into the shower. I was extremely nervous about going to new school.

I washed my hair and got out and wrapped a towel around me, walking back to my bedroom and looking through my dresser to pick out some clothes. I chose a pair of ripped skinny jeans and a Asking Alexandria t-shirt aswell as a grey jacket. I got dry and dressed and brushed through my dark brown wavy hair before walking back to my bathroom and brushing my teeth, putting eyeliner and mascara around my light blue eyes. I returned to my room and grabbed my phone and iPod as I went downstairs. I checked the time again. 8.07am. School doesn't start until 9 so I had plenty of time to get there. I looked into my fridge and grabbed a can of Rockstar, I looked in the mirror in my hall and put my grey beanie on my head. I smiled to myself and walked into my living room to grab my backpack which had notebooks and pens in for my first day. I grabbed my keys that were by my front door, put my black converses on and headed out.

It was freezing and that's an understatement. I shoved my headphones in and put on some Of Mice & Men as I began walking to school. I arrived around 8.45 and walked through the carpark, music still blasting in my ears, it's the only thing to calm my nerves. I made my way to the reception entrance and saw a plump woman with her hair pulled back into a bun sat at the desk.

I pulled my earphones out and explained that it's my first day here. She handed me my timetable and gave me instructions on where my homeroom was, I smiled and thanked her as I made my way to where she said, receiving a few stares from people as I walked through the building, I assumed it was just because I was new, I hoped it didn't turn into a full-time thing.. I'm not the best with people, I had little friends at my old school and I've never had anyone that I've considered a 'best' friend. I don't tend to talk to people an awful lot, I prefer to keep to myself.

I made my way to where the receptionist had told me my homeroom was and entered silently. I sat down at the back and tried to ignore the stares everyone was sending me.

"Ah, you must be Tyler Hunter" said a middle-aged woman who sat at a desk at the front with large rimmed glasses, I nodded as I took my backpack off and smiled politely at her. "Yes, Mrs..."

"Mrs. Hall" she said as she smiled back at me.

"Yes, Mrs. Hall" I said quietly. She then proceeded to go down the register to make sure everyone was present which stopped all the stares directed at me which I was more than grateful for, by the looks of things the homeroom consisted of around fifteen students, and by the sounds of her doing the register almost everyone was present. After a few moments of the students talking amongst themselves and Mrs. Hall marking papers at her desk the door opened and a boy walked in "Ricky Olson! It's the start of a new year and you're already late on the first day! We cannot have this type of behaviour this year!" Mrs. Hall scolded the boy apparently called Ricky as he made his to the only empty desk at the left side of the room near the front. He was wearing a black beanie with a HIM shirt and black skinnies, I also noticed he had snake bites and wore heavy make-up around his eyes. My first thought was that he was very brave to do that in a school, well from the knowledge of my old school he probably would have been beaten senseless for having skinny jeans, let alone piercings and make-up.

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