Imagine 5

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Imagine you are dating Tom. It comes to your 18th brithday. You arrange a party but no one can come, so Tom arranges for you to go out. He comes to pick you up and takes you to a barn, nicely decorated. You are disapointed but try to hide it. You get out the car and make your way to the door, hand in hand. Tom pushes the door open and you hear the words 'SURPRISE!' You look around to see all of your friends there. You hug him and whisper to him 'thank you' and he just replies 'I love you'. You walk into the middle of the barn when Tom stops and gets down on one knee. 

"[Your name], I love you so much, will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?"

A tear runs down you cheek.

"Yes, of course I will"

Tom places the ring on your finger and stands up and passionately kisses you.  

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