Even a human born yesterday could sense that the silver haired boy was telling a lie. A bad joke.

To lie to a person who hated lies.

Gosh, i was so angry i was about to slap him back to reality. But his smirk told me one thing, one thing only: a slap would not be enough.

My abilities had developed from my short childhood. I was now able to create my own images/memories.

I imagined a dog pooing for a minute and then eating it up again and repeating the cycle until i could smell the feces for myself. Thereafter i tightened my grip on the struggling young vampire in my hands and sent him my sickening memory.

After a few moments of watching him air-retch and look slightly..broken, i dropped him to the ground.

"What the hell was that?!?" he shouted at me. Looks like he had absolutely zilch education of vampire's special abilities. Hah, he really shouldn't have messed with me...i live with vampires who could take his soul and leave it in hell to rot.

I turned from the pathetic excuse for a man...no he was just a boy....and attempted to leave the darkening alley. Looks like i had wasted more time here than i intended or wanted to.

 Hearing big boots run at me, i turned and faced him with my stone face. "Don't follow me, i don't need you're stupid crap!"

He looked down, almost hurt. I felt slightly bad now.

But then he said, "But we're soul mates, we're meant to stick together!" he expected me to chuckle but all i did was walk away.

The idea of soul mates was one that was painful at the moment. At the moment with all the confusion with Jacob and his imprint. I didn't need someone to joke about it. Only i could do that! I smiled internally at that.

Gosh, i thought leaving Forks would be more relaxed and fun. And i'm in Los Angeles, the party central of the universe! But instead i have to deal with this silver haired, slightly handsome, completely annoying boy.

 I need to do something...productive. So i decided to drop off the homeless guy's body at the morgue. Picking the body up slowly, i said to the boy, "Get out of my way", he listened obediently i ran across the alley wall and up to the building wall like a ninja on acid! HM, the view up here was magnificent, i thought as the moon shone down on me. Now how in God's name will i find the local morgue?

I heard a continous scraping against the brick alley wall. Looks like he was trying to follow me. After a minute, he finally got up there. 

"You know wherever you're taking that dead guy will just create more of a scene for yourself, and you're new, you don't need a scene do ya?" he said in a condescending, patronising way. In a way that made my hand wanna just...ugh forget it.

"Well, i gotta take him to the morgue, give him some respect unlike you!" i scolded him.

"OK, OK. But that'll just get the authorities involved, you don't want that now." he was right. But i wasn't  stupid.

After thinking about a nice comeback i replied to him, "Don't worry Einstein, i'm just gonna leave him on the front area and just leave. Simples" i said in my best meerkat voice.

After one awkward silence, the silver boy asked me, "What are you anyways? I've seen vampires but never one that could do that.". Oh boy he definitely was a new born.

"Some vampires have abilities. Who-ever made you really didn't teach a thing, did they?" i said intellectually.

He broke off his arrogant face for a moment, revealing a vulnerable side and answered me. "No they didn't, they just used me, abused me and left me in an alleyway", oh God, i felt like a bitch.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know that." i apologized to him but still thought: how can someone be that..that evil to another being?

Hm, it made me think of one person in the entire universe: Aro, this thought sent shivers down my spine. Slow ,meticulous, evil shivers. 

"Whatever, you don't know where the morgue is and i just happened to be a resident of this sunny area. So, i guess i'm your guide" here he winked at me flirtatiously, "Then after that we can go to a party i've been dying to be invited into. Maybe now might be the night. Lets just say the host of the party...isn't exactly ordinary"

A party?!?

Really, gosh i was so tired. And with....non-ordinary people.

If it wasn't for my recent brawl, i might've...might've been excited. But right now i was beat, so i was just about to decline the offer to...no name silver boy, before he slid his hand in mine and we were off!

Jumping from rooftop to roof top. Damn, the homeless dead guy was slipping from my grip but before i could stop and think, silver boy took him into his own possession. Oh, how gentleman-ly. But i was no barbie. I quickly grasped back the dead body and took my hand out of his.

I ran faster and faster, incuniating a race.

Bring it on! :)

Aurthor's Note: Hey guys! :) So how are you finding Renesmee's Escape so far? Are you enjoying her new adventures with this newborn no name silver dude!?! And do you think her family will ever find her again? Will she figure out her feelings for Jacob or find a better oppurtunity? 

Is Renesmee's Escape too dangerous for our Renesmee?

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