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The Next Day
Nakamura Household
Aizawa POV

Tartaglia: Ah, it's you two! Come in, come in!

He said and let me and All Might entered the house.

We two have been assigned to visit the students' families and ask if they're willing to let their children live in our dorm.

Tartaglia lead us to the living room and gestured us to sit on the sofa.

Me: Where is the other two?

Tartaglia: Well, you see... They're on bad terms right now... So I don't think it's a good idea to let them be together for now.

All Might: Does this always happen?

Tartaglia: Well, actually they have came to an understanding not too long ago. But after (Y/N) has been freed from police custody, they're back on bad terms again.

All Might: I-I see.

Me: Anyways, getting back to the main topic, I'm sure you already know what we came here for, correct?

Tartaglia: Yeah, about my permission, right? Well, I'm just their foster brother, and I feel like I don't have the right to make the decision even though I'm their guardian now. And I was thinking to ask for my foster father's opinion, but judging by what he did in the past, I don't think he also have the right to decide it. And as the last resort, I asked Kirizaya's opinion.

Me: What did he say?

Tartaglia: "Nakamura Family is part of Todoroki Family. You've been accepted by us, so what are you hesitating for? Bright, Endeavor, Lightless, Cursed Mouth, Shinigami. These names are very big names and all of them are from this family and these names also have accepted you. Remember, Tartaglia. "Right choice" or "wrong choice" is not something someone else can decide. It's you who decide whether your decision is wrong or not."

Me: That really sounds like Kirizaya.

To be honest, if you ask me, I'd say this family isn't normal. Just how much top heroes have been born from this family?

Bright a.k.a Akari Todoroki was Lightless a.k.a Akabane Todoroki's wife. She became Todoroki when they married. She was one of All Might's sidekicks and also my former classmate. As for Akabane, he worked under his brother, Enji Todoroki.

Bright and Lightless were also former No. 3 and No. 5. But both of them died in a battle against All For One. Their deaths gave a big impact to heroes' society, but it gave a larger impact to their son, Kirizaya Todoroki a.k.a Shinigami, the current No. 8 Hero.

All Might: So... What do you say...?

Tartaglia:*smiles* I'll entrust Aiko and (Y/N) to you guys. Please take care of them.

Me and All Might then bowed.

All Might: Thank you for believing us even though we failed to assure (Y/N)'s safety during the training camp. We promise we'll take a good care of them.

Tartaglia:*smiles* That's a promise. Don't go breaking it now.

(A/N): I'm just gonna skip the wedding of Kirizaya since I don't know how to write a wedding scene.

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