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Hello again. It's been so long i feel like. Maybe its only been 2 days, i'm not sure. (The its been so long reference intended) i had an awesome christmas! Tell me what you guys got in the comments. I got a vr headset and i got the fnaf on it. I avoided spoilers for a long time for this! Thats the highlight of my christmas. Anyway tell me what you guys got!

"Looks like all the children left. " you watched the last little one run out the doors with a short woman. "Now it's just us. "

Sunny turned to you, his permanent smile still engraved on his face. He seemed to stare for awhile, making you turn your head away, a light blush coming back to your cheeks.

"You remember the one rule, right? " you looked back at him, giving a solemn nod and rubbing your arms due to the sudden shift in temperature.

"I do, i swear not to turn them off. " you held out your pinky like a kid, hooking it with his. He shook your pinky up and down with his gently, letting go just to grab your hand again. It wasn't like his usual hand grabbing, he locked his fingers with yours which deepened your blush. "You sure do like to hold my hand. "

He turned to you, his eyes lit up slightly and he tilted his head.

"It makes me feel warm. " he answered, turning back to look infront of him. You thought the response wasn't well thought out. Dirty perverts would think other things and some would take it the creepy way. You didn't want to think about the response at the moment and leaned against him.

It must've literally made him warm because he wasn't cold like usual. He was nice to lean against.

You hummed, feeling happy at the moment before he let go of your hand which made you sit up straight.

He fiddled with his fingers, starting to walk away.

"I've got to" He looked at the ground, trying to make up an excuse. You crossed your arms, tapping your foot impatiently. "Acting! " he waved, running off somewhere. You rolled your eyes, gasping when you caught sight of a small kid behind the nets that surrounded the daycare.

He turned his flashlight towards the slide; seeming to read what was above it before going down exactly when Sunny, oh so happened, to be practicing his acting' on the balcony.

"Hoo hoo hoo! " he yelled, putting his arms up in the air. He caught your eye, bowing to you before jumping in. You but your lip, running over to the ball pit to see the lid and Sunny.

You saw Sunny carrying the kid over to you. He seemed to be saying stuff to him by his head movement but it was muffled yells to you.

"Y/n, y/n! Look! A friend! " he raised the poor child up to your face, making you frown and take the kid from him.

"Sunny, put the guy down. " you placed him on the floor, ruffling his brown hair. "Don't turn off the lights, it makes Mr. Sun man mad. "

The child giggled lightheartedly, smiling at you.

"You could help me, y'know? I need to get out of here and they're all after me except Freddy and and him i think. " he pointed towards Sunny with a lopsided frown, looking unsure if he could trust the animatronic or not.

"Oh, you can trust him. " you waved it off, ushering him to sit down. "Just stay here, it's safe from all of the people trying to get you. "

"I can't just leave Freddy! " he backed away from you, knocking over a stack of blocks while he was at it which made Sunny panic. You sighed, closing your eyes and turning to Sunny behind you.

"I'll help you, Sunny.. " you turned back to the pile to clean it up, noticing the kid was now gone. You looked up from the pile as Sunny started cleaning it, noticing the kid at the desk. You gulped, shaking Sunny who had just gotten the stack done. "He's at the desk! He's not allowed there! "

Sunny clutched his head, running to the boy.

"New friend, this area is off limits! You're gonna get us in trouble! Me, y/n, and you! " he tried to pick up the kid again but he pressed a button, making the lights go out.

You gasped, whipping out your flashlight. You shone it on Sunny, who was on top of the desk panicking.

"No! No- why would you do that!? I warned you! Y/n stay away from me! " he grasped his face, growling before he fell backwards. Two hands gripped the desk, pulling themselves up was a moon. He jumped on top of the desk, hopping from on foot to another.

"Nighty night. " jumping one last time, he disappeared from view. You gulped for the 50th time today and turned to the kid, grabbing his hand and leading him into the play structures. Assuming it would be the safest place from Sunny's other side until we get the lights back on.

You led him to the highest point, running into a generator. As soon as you turned it on, a voice emitted from the boys watch.

"Gregory, i do not know what you did but the lights are out in the daycare. You have to turn on all the generators which are located in the play structures. " you smiled triumphantly as you had already turned one on.

"Gregory. That's your name? Okay..well just get all the generators on and i can distract Sunny- or uh..i don't know this ones name. "  you shook your head, telling yourself not to worry about that right now. "Go go go. " you whispered to him, pushing him forward. You turned to your side, taking the slide down and looking for the glowing red eyes.

What was the purpose of this moon? To scare children into sleeping? That wouldn't work.

"Sunny? " you uttered weakly, pressing your lips together.

"How could I like such a selfish girl like you. " you felt a force from behind, making you fall to the ground. "On top of that, a human. " you rolled around quickly to face your attacker, seeing the moon face you. His red eyes boar into yours. "Did you think i liked you? Even as a friend? "

"I am your friend, you know that. " you told him, backing away. "It's not true! "

"I told the truth on one thing, you are beautiful. "

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