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The sounds of  her cries echo through the entire hospital

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The sounds of her cries echo through the entire hospital. Her constant screaming, yelling out threats were heard. She didn't care that people thought she was crazy, she just wanted out of here.

Melody Joyce didn't think she was sick, she felt fine. I mean aside of the constant headaches, fainting whenever she hadn't ate for days it became a continuous thing for her to pass out in the middle of class and brought to the nurses office only to tell the nurse a lie which they so easily ate.

Her mother just had enough of her, dealing with her and her "problems" as she like to call them. In so, she sent her off to her father she had barely knew. In place called Mystic Falls. As the years go by, her mother died soon after she was sent off to live her dad.

Things got worse from there, but no one seemed to notice the constant saying of "I'm not hungry" or "I already ate" and "I'm not feeling well." It always what she said when she had eat, and if they didn't believe her. She made them believe her, acting as if she was eating by moving her food around and talking to get their attention off of her plate.

But soon her father caught on, he couldn't deal with it. Seeing her tear herself a part. He sent her to hospital in where they dealt with eating disorders after she had visit serval doctors. When they asked if she could try to get better and try to eat. And tell the facts that came with anorexia, she would respond with something like "Fuck off." Slamming the door behind her.

It's not like she didn't want to get better it's just she wanted to do it in her own. But in the end, she knew that day wouldn't come she just couldn't stop.

But here she was, in a hospital bed being sedated. Her words rung clear to her father "I'll never forgive you! I hate you!" Which is something her father knew wasn't the case but he'll bare with it. She knew deep down she'll regret it but at that moment in time she didn't care. But the pit feeling of guilt still weighed in her. It was too late to take it back now.

She struggled to get out of the restraints they had put on her, putting a sedative in her IV. Her eyes get heavy, the outside sounds began to fade away, her muscles relaxed, the struggle soon came to a stop. As she closed her eyes.

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