20: Kennedy

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Sanders "party" is in a hour and I'm only flipping out a little. Okay a lot, but in my defence I have to meet new people and talk to them and that's scary.

I can't decide on what to wear and after I debate for another 10 minutes I FaceTime Sarah.

"What do you want?" Shes sitting in her bed with her reading glasses on and I can hear her TV in the background. She's got a

"I need help." Setting my phone on my dresser, I turn round to lay out my different outfit options.

"With what? Cleaning?"

I turn around and glare at her for being rude at this inappropriate time. My life could depend on this party.

"No. With picking an outfit." Gathering all the outfits I've determined to be not awful, I hold each one up for her and then let her take a closer look at each individual piece. She's my last hope and if she doesn't come through for me I'll cry myself to sleep, for real.

"Okay, I like the first, fourth, and fifth. Try them on, but also try on the first top with the second pants." I always knew there would be a good outcome to tolerating her all these years.

"Okay, okay. I texted Sam and she said she's wearing black jeans and a cropped long sleeve that has cut outs or something." Throwing on the first outfit I come to stand in-front of my phone. "Does this have the same vibes?"

It's a pair of black leather pants with a beige corsety type long sleeve and platform converse. Looking in the mirror behind my phone I grimace a little because ew. Why did I ever buy this top? It makes me look green and my hair grey. Definitely not.

"Um... so maybe not that one. And forget what I sad about trying the top with different pants..." I can see Sarah's trying to his her smile and I narrow my eyes.

"This is serious, Babycakes. I'm scared, I don't like meeting new people."

"I know but it's fine, Sams gonna be there. What party are you even going to? You hate parties."

I grab my next option, which is my favourite blue jeans and a cute white bra top with a matching cropped cardigan. I hold up my white leather converse and show Sarah.

"It's Sanders party, he said there's only gonna be like 5 people, but still."

she sits up a little and brings her phone closer to her face, looking at my outfit. "Sanders is having a party? And I really like that, so cute, more casual but still fun. I think gold jewelry would look perfect with it too."

"Should I just wear this? I still need to do my hair and makeup and I have like 30 minutes." I look at myself again, feeling like putting on a sweater instead. But no, because I need to step out of my comfort zone more. What's that saying? You don't grow if you don't push yourself? No that's definitely wrong but it's something like that. "And yeah he's having a party, but I think it was just going to be the four of us until one of his friends from high school came home."

"Yeah I like it. Put in jewelry and well have a final look. And since when does he even have friends? Aside from you guys of course." I'm rummaging around on my dresser for jewelry so I can't see her face, but I can assume she's scowling like she normally does when Sanders is brought up.

"I don't know, he just said that a friend of theirs from high school is home visiting family and he wants us to meet them. I hope he's nice, I'm scared he'll be another Greyson." I put on a few rings, a cut necklace and a couple bracelets before going to my desk to get earrings.

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