Chapter 23

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Ardolf sat before Aidan as he explained his plan to his father.

"So you plan to use that on them both" Ardolf sat back and watched Aidan pull the small pouch out.

"Aye, and I pray that it is enough" Aidan sighed.

Ardolf gave Aidan a worried glance.
"And if it does not work?"

Aidan blew out a deep breath and leaned forward.
"Then I guess you will be one son short because he will not hesitate to kill me," he grinned.

Ardolf shook his head at Aidan's light hearted humor. Indeed Duncan would be furious but he swore to Aidan he would not intervene. Once he heard of his plan he was mortified.

"Lock them up together. One room for a day or two until they called a truce."

"During supper I will slip it in their ale," Aidan spoke.

Ardolf nodded.

The slight knock on the door interrupted them. Slowly Ardolf looked up to see Moira enter.
"Supper is ready m'lord" she smiled at Ardolf.

With curt nod he slowly stood. Aidan sat back in the chair for a while. Ardolf turned to look where Aidan sat in deep thought.

"Are we having second thoughts," Ardolf asked.

Shaking his head, Aidan stood and looked at his father.

Just praying that I pour enough to render the beast my brother senseless...

Turning into the corridor they continued about their plan as they walked towards the greathall.

Everyone sat for supper as usual it was a boisterous event that seemed as if the two in question hadn't any trouble in the world. But all were aware that Duncan and Tara still had their differences and their little war continued. It was about time they set it all aside but both were stubborn so Aidan took matters into his own hand.

He watched carefully as Gertrude upon his instruction keep Duncan and Tara's ale separate from the rest.

She diligently went through with task and winked at him as her mission was accomplished. He grinned at her beneath hooded eyes and watched her hungrily as her hips swayed away towards the kitchen's.

They all talked and ate with none the wiser as to what would soon unfold. He summed it up to Taras taking affect faster than Duncan. Due to her petite size she would feel it in no time.

He watched her for a while inconspicuously to see how this all fell into place ever so often looking at his brother that sure enough did the same but with a different stare. His brother wanted her.

He shook his head and his a smile as to how his brother fought such emotions.

Tara ate and spoke happily with Ardolf. She enjoyed his conversations and knowledge in many things. Its already been three months since she has been here and she was starting to feel she was fitting in.
Ever so often her gaze would look to Duncan that was in his own conversation with Aidan and she would avert her gaze when their eyes met. The sudden warm feeling of warmth washed over because his look wasn't the simple pass over of a glance but a look of desire and want.

She slowly lifted her cup and drank her ale and ate her food slowly trying to distract her thoughts listening to Ardolf. Again a warm feeling passed over her and the table before her started to fuzz. Breathing in deeply she turned to look at Ardolf that stopped talking suddenly and reached slowly for her hand.

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