Ava's POV


I smiled down at the young trick or treaters.

"What lovely costumes you kids have!" I commented with a smile. They all giggled and laughed.

"Guess who we are, Ava!" A little voice said.

I tapped my chin. "Hmm, let's see."

I pointed at the little monster costume."Tommy, are you in there?"

He laughed and took off his mask. "How did you know?"

I shrugged with a chuckle. "Lucky guess?" I handed him his candy and he took off running.

"Who's next?" I asked with a grin.

"Me! Me! Me!" A little girl said.

I looked at her for a few seconds. She had a princess gown on, white gloves, and a sparkly silver tiara. The little girl's face was being covered by her trick or treat candy basket.

"Marissa, is that you?" I said sweetly.

She put her candy basket down. "It's Princess Marissa. Now bow down before me, pheasant!"

I laughed and bowed down. "It was a pleasure to finally meet you Princess Marissa."

I glanced over at her little brother who was dressed up as a dragon."Please don't let your Dragon eat me."

"Now why would I do that? You're my favorite baby-sitter. I mean pheasant." She said. "Now hand me some candy."

"You're wish is my command."

I handed 'Princess Marissa' her candy and off she went. I also put some candy into her little brother, Kevin's, basket. He giggled and took off.

I looked around for any more incoming trick or treaters. I closed the door once I found that there were none left.

The music from inside the house once again filled my ears. My sister Vivanna was having a Halloween party with her twelve year old classmates from school.

Her friends had gotten used to the fact that I was a WWE Diva. I say 'was' because just a few months ago, I was fired from my job. I set the candy bowl down on the small table near the front door. Moxley, my Cavachon puppy, jumped up in my arms. Mom and Dad had gotten me Moxley after I got fired form the WWE.

I made my way through the crowd of twelve year olds, both girls and boys, carrying Moxley in my hands. I finally made it to the kitchen, where my mother and father were refilling the chip bowls and punch bowl.

"I made it! I survived!" I exclaimed throwing my arms up,and in the process I dropped Moxley.

"Mox!" I gasped covering my mouth. He just barked and trotted out of the kitchen and into the living room.

"Really?" I yelled after him. "You're just going to walk away from me?! Some friend..."

My mom and dad chuckled at my actions.

"Those kids are more fiesty than they look aren't they? " Mom pointed out, changing the subject.

"Tell me about it." I agreed with a nod. "Need any help?"

"Yes, please." Dad responded. I walked over to the cabinet and grabbed two bags of chips.

I set them down on the kitchen table and went over to grab some more bowls. I ripped open the first bag of chips and poured some in. The kitchen was awkwardly silent. The sounds of the chips and punch were the only noises present. Other than the noise outside the kitchen.

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