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Pen Your Pride

I can barely remember getting home; it was just one long daze. I walked into the front door of my house like a zombie; the only thing that got me home was seeing Cole. Maybe he would have come to his senses, realised what he said was a lie and rush to me as soon as I entered the door to apologise and tell me he loved me.

That didn’t happen.

Someone did rush out, but it was not the person I wanted.

“Oh my god, Grace what happened?” My mum questions, her face growing worried as soon as she sees me. I have been crying non-stop for at least an hour; I don’t even want to know what I look like right now. I didn’t reply, and she walked up and put her arms around me.

This would have caused me to cry even more, but I had gotten to the point where I think I’m actually out of tears. She pushed me away and looked at my face.

“Grace, what the hell happened?” she ordered, gripping my upper arms.

I knew I couldn’t tell her, so I changed the subject “Where’s Cole?”

Her face fell into one of realisation, like the pieces were falling together in her head “He’s upstairs in his room, but I wouldn’t go up there. Daisy tried about 15 minutes ago and nearly got a chair thrown at her.”

He was still angry then. I was a little surprised that my mum wasn’t shouting at me, I thought the first thing Cole would do is go crazy and tell everyone we know about me and Kyle. Obviously he has said nothing about it to mum or Daisy, and I had to make sure he didn’t. Kyle could still lose his job as he wasn’t taking the transfer.

“He was so angry when he walked through the door me and Daisy were actually scared to come out of the kitchen. He muttered something about the English language, smashed my Romeo and Juliet figurine and stormed upstairs.” Mum informed me, and if it was any other circumstance I would laugh. He smashed up a Shakespeare thing just because it related to English. What a child. “I thought everything was okay between you two? I mean after this morning...”

My stomach flipped as I remember this morning, Cole and I kissing and laughing, talking about being together...

And now he hates me.

“I fucked things up mum.” I admitted, realising that fair enough Cole may have overreacted a little, but it was my own fault. I got myself into this, and Karma was finally catching up with me.

Her face softened and she stroked my hair reassuringly “What happened?”

I couldn’t tell her could I?

‘Well mum, Cole walked in on me and Mr Vincent kissing after I just broke off a 5 months affair with him. You remember Mr Vincent don’t you, Daisy’s date that dumped her the first night they went out? Well yeah, then after that they got into a punch up, and Cole seems to think I used him as a revenge scheme that night we almost ended up screwing in an alleyway when I was really drunk.’

Yeah, there was no way I was saying that to my mother.

One thing I love about my mum, she didn’t pry. She must have seen from my face I couldn’t tell her, and she just smiled at me in understanding and then changed the subject.

“Whatever it is Grace, if it is meant to be between the two of you, it will work out in the end.” She told me “I mean nothing is ever simple, people get through problems and they come out stronger. I’m not going to say you two will live happily ever after or any cheesy shit like that, but give it some time and see what happens.”

“He said he doesn’t love me.” The words actually burned to say them out loud, and the sympathy washed over my mum’s face immediately.

Then a knowing smile slowly spread on her face “You know, love brings out a lot of other emotions.”

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