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Eliana's Pov

I woke up with bright lights on my face.I am on Marco's chest.He is looking so cute 

I giggled and then feel two arms on my waist.I turned and saw Vito on my left and Marcello on my right.Did they slept with me last night ??

Ohhh they are looking like sleeping babies

I took their photo

''What are you doing my amore'' Vito said opening his blue eyes.

I giggled and got off from Marco.He groaned and I giggled at his childish behavior

''I think we are never getting rid of that photo'' Marco said smelling my hair

''Ewwwwwww,get away from me you old monster'' I said

''What did you just said'' He asked

''Yes you three are oldie monsters'' I said showing them my tongue

They started tickling me so hard

''Oka-y le--ave me--'' I cried 

''First say we are your most handsome brothers'' Vito said 

''Why will I tell a lie '' I said smirking and their jaws dropped to ground

They again started me tickling

''Okay You are most handsome brothers'' I told them laughing so hard that my stomach is started to pain

They stopped looking satisfied

Marcello kissed my forehead followed by Marco and Vito.They went out of my room as I want to take a warm shower

I went to washroom and took shower.I wore some comfy clothes

I wore some comfy clothes

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I smiled and went downstairs.My whole family was sitting on dining table on their respective seats.I sat between Adriano and Giovanni.They both grinned like they got the biggest gift ever.They smirked.I confusingly looked at others and they seemed....Jealous ??

We ate our breakfast laughing and taling.

This is what I need..Family.But my heart is like something is missing...I know what is it


My train of thoughts got cut by Grandpa

''Okay we are going to do some work.And it will be finished in 2 to 3 hours.After that we will go to mall because I want to buy my grandaughter some things which I always wished'' He said

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