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Iris Haze Turner Sloan
One week; 1 lb, 1 oz

Iris was still fighting for her life, but she had so many people around her trying to save her life. So when Amber went to see her that day after school, she saw her little sister waving her hands around. Like she was greeting all of them, like she knew who they were. "Hey, little one, you're doing great. Just hold on a little bit longer and then we'll get you out of here. I am going to see our mom now. We can't leave her alone much, because then she starts yelling at people because she can't see you yet, and then she cries... but don't worry, everything will be over soon."

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After Amber left the NICU, she went to her mother. It was her usual routine the last week. She'd go to school, go to the hospital to see Iris and Natalie and then her and Mark would return home to have dinner and sleep a little. 

"Hey, what's up?" Amber asked when she entered her mother's room. Natalie was visible upset and the resident in the room, Cristina, was trying to calm her down. Natalie had one issue since she woke up after the accident. She wanted to see her daughter, but no one would let her. 

"Your mother is giving me the finger because Bailey won't let her go see Iris." Cristina explained as Amber grabbed a chair and placed it close to Natalie's bedside. "I'll be back later to change your gaze, okay?" Cristina said and Natalie just roll her eyes as a reply, not wanting to speak to her.

"Okay." Amber sighed and answered for her mother. "Just go, I'll deal with her." She told Cristina and the resident left the room. "Mom..."

"I didn't do anything, I didn't even yell at anyone day." Natalie said defensively. 

"You will see her soon, okay?" Amber said like she was promising her that. "We just need both of you to heal for now, please."

"Okay..." Natalie let out a breath and let it go for the timing being. "How are you honey?" She asked remembering how she could still see one of her daughters.

"I am fine, I'll just sit here to do some homework and keep you company." Amber replied and got a textbook out of her bag.

"Okay. I'll just let you study then. Thank you for being here." Natalie gave Amber a weak smile. Then, she turned on the TV in her room and watched whatever was one, while Amber was doing homework.

But Amber couldn't truly concentrate. Not after everything that had happened last week. She had few questions. She needed to understand some stuff, and there wasn't anyone else that could help her like her mother could. "Mom? Can I ask you something?"

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