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"Cal, you're still grounded but you need to drive Mali to the airport" mum says as I step into the door

"Really?" I groan "why me?"

"You know i hate driving at night, and no drinking"

"Wow grounded for a car crash and my punnishment is driving" I say

"Just do it cal, okay and make sure Mali has everything"

"Can I bring my phone?" I say hopefully so I can text Cass

"No, that's all I've basically got to punnish you." Mum says exasperated

"Well" I say even though it kills me "what about my bass and guitar. I can't play them for the month instead. And what if something bad happens and I'm alone without a phone?" I say

"Ok, you can use your phone but when you get back give it to me. Call me when you're on your way, okay?" she says

"I dunno mum, one of those pamphlets said that phones are one of the leading causes of teen accidents" I say

"Stop being so sassy" Mali says coming down the stairs with her luggage "Cal?? will you help me?" she whines "It's really heavy"

I roll my eyes and put the luggage near the door. I go upstairs and grab my snapback and jacket and phone.

"Cal, thanks for driving me" Mali says as we get in. She turns the radio on to the R&B station and sings along

"Augh, cheer up bro. You've been so depressed lately" she says dancing in the seat next to me

"I'm not depressed, okay? I've just got a lot on my mind"

"Is it about cass?" Mali says concerned

"yeah, but luke should be taking care of her. can you see if I have any texts? Here" I say quickly handing my phone

"yeah, ash just texted a coupla hours ago saying he had to leave but is suppose to be on the way or something or rather. I reckon it'll all be fine"

"Okay well have fun in london, you'll be back in a week right?" I said

"Yup, I might do a bit of travelin though" she says

We arrive outside and I help her find a luggage trolley.

After getting her to check out I say "Bye sis" and give her a hug. I check my watch, it's now 7:20 and I won't get home until at least 8. I'm driving back when my phone pings, soon it's going crazy and I know it must me something important. I pull into the diner parking lot and see who they're from Caa

To: Cal

From: Cass

Cal?!?  I'm Scared

 Luke didnt show up

 I think I'm going crazy

 I need you

 I call her as fast as I can She picks up and says "Cal, I've thought about it and I don't need you. I'm fine, bye"

"Wait, what about Luke?"

but she's already hung up.

Shit shit. I start the car and text luke ash and Michael

which one of you is with cass

M: luke

A: luke

L: Ashton? until 9 right

A: I left at 4, you fuckwit

C: just go over now to her place

I drive as fast as I can to Cass. Luke's outside of Michael's trying to get in

"Where's Michael?" I say getting out of the car

"He's driving over now, but he had to go a dinner at his girlfriends and Ashton had to go pick up his brother from soccer and now he's babysitting."Luke says

"do you know where the spare key is?" I ask

"There isn't one, I already texted Michael. He's gonna try to get here soon, but I dunno"

We circle around the house eventually luke pushing me into Michael's window.

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