1-He Insults You. -Part One.

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Preference #1: He Insults You. -Part One.


"Louis! I always feel like her babysitter! I don't want to be around someone who's childish all the time," You overheard Harry talking to Louis. You felt tears start to burn in the back of your eyes. "Just talk to her about it. She'll understand," Louis answered him. You got closer to the door wanting to talk to him, but you heard footsteps getting closer to the door. You ran away to the front part of the house; you walked out the door, but a voice stops you. "(Y/N) Where are you going?" His husky voice asked. "Well... Since you think I'm childish, I thought that I might grow up without my babysitter," you said. You walked out the door with Harry looking back at you with regret of ever saying that.


You opened the door to see Louis talking to Niall. You didn't want to interrupt him, so you went off into your room, quietly. You left the door open and got out your computer. "Niall, she's too skinny now. It's starting to get unattractive," You heard Louis say. Was he talking about you? "Then take (Y/N) out to dinner," Niall suggested. You heard your name being called, and you wrote Louis a note on the computer. It read, 'I'm sorry you can't accept me. I'll go off and eat my heart out now. Goodbye Louis.' You left the computer open so he could read it. You walked out the door slamming it making sure that he could hear.


Liam wasn't home, but he left his phone at home. You heard it buzzing, and you decided to look at who it is. It's Harry! You read the text from Harry, it said. 'What exactly's wrong with her Liam?' You didn't reply because you had no idea what he was talking about. You saw Liam walk in the house with a big smile. You turned off his phone and moved it away from you. "Hi, (Y/N)!" He smiled. He took his phone out and texted someone, you guessed it was Harry. "Hi...." You answered back. He shut off his phone and ran off to the loo. You checked his phone again just to see what he said. 'She's just... I don't know, She's so attached to me. I want space.' You sat for a minute thinking about it... You shook your head in disbelief, and walked out.


"But Zayn!" you screamed. "No!" he yelled back, his voice even louder. "I'm getting tired of your crap. You're always so moody, and I hate it!" He yelled. You sat down in silence thinking about the words he just said. "Zayn... just stop," You whispered, shaking your head. You stood up and walked out of the room. "(Y/N)! I didn't mean it," He said from behind you. "You insulted me! You judged me! You knew I would never do that to you, and you hurt me, Zayn. You could have just told me," You yelled at him. You walked off to the nearest park just so you could clear your head.


You walked into the house, quietly with a coffee. You always got coffee for Niall whenever you got home from work. You saw the boys sitting with Niall in the living room. "I don't know, it's the fact she wears make-up. It's unattractive to me," Niall whispered. You walked into the bathroom, setting down the coffee on the kitchen counter. You looked at your makeup kit. You didn't even have a lot of makeup. You went through your makeup bag and carried it out to the kitchen counter. You took a card, putting it next to the coffee, 'I'm sorry you think that I'm unattractive, and I'm sorry that this is how I feel beautiful.' You put the bag down, setting the note on top of it. You walked out of the house and into the backyard porch, ashamed at what Niall had said about you.


Soooo, Question of the day is, What is your favorite insult to say?

I think mine would be "I would challenge you to a battle of wits, but I see that you are unarmed." -William Shakespeare. I don't really use insults that often, but I find myself using this one more than any others.

Oh yeah! There IS a part two for this! :D yayayay!

Comment and vote! I would love to see your comments and thoughts about this! Either way, goodbye my pretties!


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