My parents were back under the same roof and were getting along better because my dad went to a vocational rehabilitation for veterans during the day. It made life a lot more easier but

I hadn't talked to Gavin in over a month

I was kind of miserable but still breathing


I still had time to buy a prom dress thanks to Jackie and my mom

I wore this long golden dress the hugged my curves paired with golden six inches heels I could barely walk in them but It was worth it

Our Prom was held at hotel by the was so beautiful I couldn't believe I was planning not to go.

I didn't have a date but that was okay I didn't need one

They played all the good songs and I was jamming

I don't remember having this much fun with people my age

After prom was over, Jackie and Malcolm went to their hotel room they claimed they were going to freshen up but an hour pasted I determined that was a lie

I went to the beach. The air was cool. I watched the waves collide with each other and the moon reflect on it remembering the time, when Gavin and I shared this moment a few months ago

It was a beautiful night

"You look astounding" a voice said

I knew it was him but I turned around anyway

"You don't bad look yourself" I said dryly

He was wearing an all black suit and his hair was slicked back...he was gorgeous

"This old thing" he chuckled

"It doesn't look old to me"

He chuckled again but it soon died down

"We didn't end right" he said as he stood next to me looking out into the darkness

"I don't even want to talk about it...I was doing fine without you here"

"I'm not. I missed you so much..."

"Apparently have a wedding ring"

"Engagement ring" he corrected

" most certainly don't waste time huh"

"Don't be like that"

"How else am I suppose to be Gavin? You were the one...the only one that ever had my heart now it's like nothing ever happened" I felt tears run down my cheeks. There goes my make up

"I thought about what you said and you were right. Why be in a relationship if we're scared of it, of what people think or of what will might happen in the future. I don't want to put you through that...I love you too much"

I looked at him then at the dark blue water "Did you really love me?"

"I still love you probably always will"

I scoffed "Sure"

"You don't believe me?" he asked sternly

"I believe I feel played"

"You failed to return any of my phone calls and texts. What did you want me to do? sit here and wait until you made up your mind..."

I was silent

Just the sound of the wind and crashing waves

"You getting married to her?" I asked examining the ring

"Yeah sometime next may"

"Congratulations" I said looking up at him

He narrowed his eyes at me "What do you want me to do to make you alright"

"Nothing I just want the air between us to be ok...We had a nice run" I said looking back at the water

"We did" he said finally

He kissed my cheek "I love you Ava" Then disappeared back into the night

I can't believe I actually thought I'd have a future with that guy.

I snatched the gold neck-less from my neck threw it into the dark blue water

I closed my eyes and listened to the waves

Song: Photograph by Ed Sheeran


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