Gavin was in his bed with a laptop

I cuddled up next to him "...I should've asked you. I know how much this means to you"

He looked at me "Yeah I didn't mean to be so harsh on you"

He leaned in and kissed me

We ended up having sex again that night

I got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom

Midway I saw figure in the kitchen

I Ignored it because I thought it were the branches dancing from the storm going on outside

But it moved into the light and I let out a scream

"What?" Gavin asked frantically still half asleep

I pointed to a middle aged woman drenched in water

"Mom what are you doing?" He asked

I looked at him "MOM?!"

He lead her to the couch

She started speaking in some language I didn't understand

"English Ma. What's wrong?" He said calmly

"They're out to get me!" She said in a thick accent

"Who?" He asked

She looked at me

Gavin started dialing a number "Ava go in the room please"

"Ok" I whispered still in disbelief

I got back in bed and tried to tune out the soft murmurs. Eventually I feel back asleep but awoke again to Vivian blankly staring at me

"Hey Vivian"

She just stared at me

"Vivian?" A woman said as she walked in the room "Oh Sorry...I didn't know you had company, Gavin" she said grabbing Vivian's hand as they left the room closing the door behind her

"Who is that?" I heard her ask

"Someone" Gavin said lowly

"She's certainly a downgrade from Sabrina"


"Leah! Stop she's special to me"

"Ok whatever...this is getting out of control we have to find mom a new place to stay because obviously that damn psychiatric ward isn't doing a thing... letting her out whenever she wants"

"She's lonely" he said

"How is she lonely... we visit her nearly everyday...Gavin you're getting too attached...this is how she is and always will be we have to get use to it. You can't keep changing your locks every other week"

"Yeah you're right" he finally said

"Maybe we should call Sabrina she was always so good with mom...and mom really liked her"

"Can you just stop bringing her up please"

"Why? You guys were perfect for each other better than whatever you got in that bed"

Fucking bitch


"Sorry baby brother I just want the best for know that"

"Yeah I know" he mumbled

After Leah left with Vivian and Beth Gavin came in

"Hey" he said as he sat on the bed

"I think we need to break up" I blurted

"Don't let my sister get to you"

"It's not her it's everything...why be in a relationship if we're so scared of it"

We were both quiet

"Why did you and Sabrina break up?" I asked

"Because we were both working so hard then she got this job out of the state and I couldn't leave home not with my mother like this"

"She's a psychologist?"

He nodded

"Was this new job in Florida?"

"Yeah but I considered the job before you and I got together" he finally said

I looked down as tears prickles down my face

"Ava please don't" he said

"It's like I don't know you... I'll never be good enough"

"Don't say that"

"It's true Gavin, You're hiding things from me meanwhile this Sabrina chick probably knows all about your family and they probably love her while I'm just some dumb thirsty high school kid" I confessed as I stood up

"Stop you're perfect to me"

"Yeah perfect when we're in some type of solitary confinement but when we're in public we have to act like we don't know each other...what kind of relationship is what? Is that what you want?"

"No it's not"

"Then what?!" I hollered

He was silent

I scoffed then grabbed my stuff and jetted out of his condo

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