Part 8

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Michael's POV;

I've been texting almost literally every 5 minutes. I've been too busy freaking out to worry about getting my things sorted and ready to head back to America. I guess the sooner I get this all sorted the sooner I can get back there and find out what the fucks happening. I make sure my phones on loud and put it down to get on with loading up everything to take with me to the airport. I can't help but think that something awful has happened, I just hope I'm wrong. After everything that happened last year...I don't know that anything worse could happen. I don't know if Chloe can handle anything else to happen, she's finally got back to a normal life and now everything's going to be fucking ruined again and it's all my fucking fault.

I'd finally managed to let my mind wonder to other things when I finally heard my phone beep. I launched towards the worktop where I'd left it and instantly opened up the message.

'Michael I'm sorry I left it at that, I didn't mean to scare you. I've been at the police station with Ray. She's gone Michael. I'm sorry'

Gone? She can't I don't even think I can handle waiting for her to reply again and if it is...if she means...I want to hear it face to face. I quickly finish off packing all my stuff up and climb into the drivers seat. One day. I couldn't even keep my word to keep her safe for one fucking day.


Aubrey's POV;

I wrapped my arms around Ray and rested my head on his shoulder, trying my hardest to not let a tear escape. "Oh Ray this is all my fault," I sobbed, "I should have come straight over once Michael left, I never should have let her be alone. I can't began to imagine how terrified she probably felt." Ray slowly trailed his hand across my back, soothing me and shushing me. "It's not your fault Aubs, you couldn't have known this would happen." He reassured me. We'd just spent the past few hours at the police station, explaining everything that we knew and exactly what we believe could have happened. We weren't as helpful as we'd liked to have been, but we tried.

Ray was busy talking on the phone, explaining to Geoff what's happened and asking him to let the others know. Gavin's already on his way round and I can only hope that Michael will get back soon. He didn't reply to my last text and I can't even begin to think of what he must be feeling, I feel sick to my stomach just thinking about how she...No. I just need to focus on the road ahead, I can't do this, I have to stay strong for Michael and everyone else. This isn't the end.


I jerked up as I heard the front door slam and Michael came pounding towards the living room, immediately grabbing me by both arms and pulling me to my feet. His eyes looked puffy and red, I couldn't tell whether it was from tears or sleep deprivation. "Tell me what fucking happened now. Is she dead?" He uttered, his voice cracking slightly as he let out the last word. My heart sank and I closed my eyes, mentally scolding myself for not being clear with my last text. "Michael I'm so sorry, that's not what I meant...she's not...she's not dead," I responded, "She's just...gone." I could see his shoulders relax a bit and he let out a soft sigh, "She's been taken then?" He quizzed, pushing past me and collapsing onto the sofa, clearly exhausted. He placed his head in his hands as I sat beside him and rested a hand on his shoulder, "We found a note. It was placed under one of the windscreen wipers on her car outside. We didn't open it, but Ray said he recognised the writing as Ben's." I nodded towards Ray who was holding the letter, he moved towards Michael and held it out to him. "I'm sick of his fucking games and his stupid letters." Michael breathed, pushing the letter back towards Ray who just looked at me, as if seeking approval. I just nodded, urging him to open it and read it allowed.



It's been a while and might I say that I rather enjoyed my time in prison. It gave me a lot of time to think. This isn't just about you losing me my job anymore, this is about you and all the others always getting what you want. She got the job I wanted and because what? You loved her? I hardly call that fair, I deserved that place. I want you all to know how it feels to lose something that you love, to have it taken away from you, to not get what you want and I want her to realise that she doesn't deserve a thing. This is the end Michael. Chloe never should have stayed, she should have gone back to England and just you remember that it was your fault she didn't.

Also, thanks so much for the new clones. It was a lot easier to get her to come outside since she thought you were there.


"He cloned you Micool?" Gavin muttered, clearly dumbfounded, "How did he..." Michael just glared at him, "how did he clone you? No one fucking knows Gavin." He spat. I looked down at my hands and took in a deep breath, "what are we going to do?" I sobbed.

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