19: Kennedy

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"If I punched Greyson in the face do you think he'd hit me back?" Cams surprised laughter has me smiling a bit.

"He may be a dick, but no, I don't think he'd hit you back. He's probably still in the parking lot, we could go text it out." He tips his head towards the door with a wicked little grin.


We can just forget about it. Well sorry to break it to you, Greyson, but that's not going to happen.

Does he seriously think all his rude behaviour to me is somehow warranted or excusable? It's not. I deserve better.

Well that's what podcast lady says at least, and I have to listen to her because she's rich and famous so clearly her advice works... right?

Sitting in the break room with Cam beside me, texting Beck, I can't help but think about seeing Greyson.

He looked good. Like really good. Did he get taller? Or maybe gain some more muscle? Not that I was looking, since you know, I hate him. Well maybe not hate, that's a strong word and podcast lady also says not to waste energy on such negative emotions. So I dislike him. Strongly.

"Cam, isn't this like your fourth break already today?" Caitlyn asks when she walks through the door. Cam sends me a look out of the corner of his eye and gets up, bowing a little in her direction which has me smothering a smile, and walks out the door.

It's barely closed before it's shooting back open to rebels him standing there looking baffled.

"Why is he just sitting out there?" His voice drips with disgust.

"Who?" It's Caitlyn who asks.

Ignoring her, Cam stares at me, "Can't I kick him out? He annoys me, anyone who's mean to you is clearly an awful person."

"Greyson?" Is he still out there? What a loser... get a life loser.

"Yeah, and someone," he makes sure Caitlyns not looking before sticking his tongue out at her, "served him."

She turns around so quick she could be a vampire. "Greyson Kingsley? He's so fucking hot. Why wouldn't I serve him."

"Maybe because he's a dick." Cam shoots back.

"A big one from what I've heard." She says it with a smirk, but I don't get why him being mean is something to laugh about. Weirdo... maybe she's a masochist . Is that what it's called? Or sadist? No Christen Grey was a sadist, I don't remember what a masochist is. Or maybe they're the same thing? What were we they just talking about?

"Ugh don't be gross. Do you want me to kick him out? Beck knows how to throw a punch, he can be here in 10... to 40 minutes—I think he's maybe in class, but like? Does it matter?" The last parts directed at me, and I smile thinking about Beck trying to beat up a guy that's literally planning on being a professional fighter.

"No, it's fine. He's probably just like waiting for a class or something."

And of course my break is over in 3 minutes. Getting up, I throw out my granola bar wrapper and walk to the door, pushing Cam back out with me.

"Let's get this show on the road Cameron. Also are you gonna let your hair grow out or get it bleach and cut again? I like it bleached it looks cool." I run a hand over his slightly grown out buzz cut. I wonder what I would look like bald...

My thoughts are cut off when I see Greyson over Cams shoulder, sitting at the bar by the counter. Goodie.

The muscle in his jaw is flexing so much while he watches us that it looks like he's tweaking a little. What's he mad about? He's the asshole.

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