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The Demon Rolmar-Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

The fires must be lit.

The thought spun around in Rolmar’s mind for a few moments as he sat meditating in his cavernous domicile. The discalced demon—garbed in heavy, white robes—knew that as one of the three overlords of Pentar it was incumbent upon him to light the fires. The ceremonial meeting would take place in a few days. The task of lighting the fire pits in the seven colonies of Pentar under his dominion would have to be completed before that time. Rolmar had a vested interest in the ritual; if the task was not finished by the appointed time, he would be forbidden from taking part in any future rituals.

The demon’s thoughts were percolating.

It’s time already. Another thousand years have gone by. The Breeksa will be here in a few days, and subsequently, three worlds will meet their end.

Every thousand years, the three overlords of Pentar would hold a conclave in the Great Hall of Bremsa—a Breeksa in demonic speech—to discuss planetary “cleansing.” During the meeting, three planets would be selected for extermination, and one would be assigned to each of the demons.

The planet Pentar was divided into three regions, each of which was controlled by an overlord. Every city was a masterpiece surrounded by a luminous dome. Their technology was the most advanced that the universe had ever given rise to, the result of millions of years of intertwining magic and technology. The Pentarians’ language (known as Crimnock) was not spoken aloud, but communicated through telepathy. The high demons of Pentar tended to use telepathy more than the lesser demons who favored speaking aloud.

Although the Pentarians were a decidedly malicious group, they boasted such feats as interdimensional travel and mastery of telekinesis. Despite their advancements, the people were filled with hubris and hatred, a combination that proved deadly for many unwitting citizens. They despised all civilizations that were primitive, and had successfully annihilated the inhabitants of over ten thousand worlds. The demons felt that it was their obligation to destroy less-advanced societies and viewed this as a way of cleansing the universe.

The cold, marble floor didn’t bother Rolmar, who was still ruminating on the Breeksa. His eyes presently became luminous when his thoughts turned to the planetary extermination. 

How will it be done? Destroy the whole planet? Perhaps a mass extinction for the inhabitants, and then the destruction of the planet later. So much to decide…

The destruction of a planet was an involved process to say the least. The Breeksa would last for several hours. They would spend most of the time listening to passages from the annals of the demons, which had been handed down through the millennia. The books contained the history of the demons,’ principles of magic, and their laws.The annals didn’t exactly indoctrinate hatred or carnage, but throughout the ages they had become the basis for the Pentarians’ arrogance and general disregard for the lives of other species.The first chief doctrine stated, “Strive to be technologically superior to all peoples.” The second said, “Monitor advanced civilizations in order to protect your own from future aggression.” However, the meaning of the doctrines had become twisted over the years, and the Pentarians hadn’t questioned the misinterpretation.

Presently, Rolmar stood and concentrated on teleporting outside of his dwelling. The silver demon closed both fists and focused on dematerializing his body. After saying the incantation, he began to disappear. The words alone would not cause anything to happen—only focused concentration in conjunction with the demonic words made teleportation possible. Once he phased out, he recited the words backward to rematerialize outside.

 A sprawling view met the bipedal demon, who was now perched on the apex of the hollow mountain that he called home. The blue mountains of Pentar, which were usually the color of deep turquoise, were now a midnight blue. The greatforestofHabnarstood to the north—ominous, foreboding, and silent. A single bird cried out a deafening screech, mocking the silence of the forest. The demon barely noticed the sound, which would have shattered the eardrums of any earth dweller.

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