I park my car at a gas station a couple hours outside of Atlanta. I unzip the backpack and lift out the clothes. I check the pockets and find my wedding ring along with Amanda's wedding ring that she gave me. Tears fill my eyes as I slip them back on my fingers. What happened to my life? How did Alex get these? I can't believe he did this for me.

I quickly change into the clothes and then proceed to filling the car with gas. I head into the gas station and then into the bathroom. It's one of those one person bathrooms. I look into the mirror and laugh at my appearance. My hair is now waist length and my natural brown hair goes till my shoulders and the rest is blonde. I quickly braid it and wash my face.

Back in the car I eat one of the sandwiches I bought and then head back on the road. I'm 27 hours from L.A.

I don't know why Justin said those things to me. Does he really think I'm crazy? I know it's not the safest or smartest thing to go back to him. But I have to try. I love him.

Its around 4:30 am and I just can't keep my eyes open any longer. I pull over and park my car. I'll sleep for a little while and then start driving again. I curl up in my chair and let my eyes close.

I wake up to someone tapping on my car window. My eyes snap open and I look fearfully at the young man outside my car. He looks dirty like he's been running through the forest. His arms have scratches and bruises on them. I roll down my window and inch so I can hear him.

"Please you have to save me. I was kidnapped and they took me. Please I escaped you have to take me away from here." My heart drops as this man begs me to save him. I've been in his shoes. When Ben and Amanda saved me. They were me. I have to save him.

"Get in now." I order unlocking the car. He quickly opens the door and sits down.

"Drive!" He yells frantically looking behind him.

"Should I take you to the police station?" I ask uncertainly .

"NO! You can't, they're in on it too! They know and they're just going to send me back! You cannot take me there!" he yells. My heart drops and I look at him.

"Who kidnapped you?" I ask.

"Brian" he replies shakily. I slam my foot on the breaks and look at him. If he's from Brian they're going to come looking for him. Then they'll find me. They'll take me back there. I look at him sitting beside me and he looks so alone and defeated. And I know that if I left him here I wouldn't be able to live with myself.

"What did he do to you?" I ask.

"He... ran tests took samples of my blood, hair and skin. He ran all sorts of tests." He replies.

"Oh my God." I say running my hands through my hair.

"We need to go! He will find us if we don't go." He shouts.

"He's not going to find you. I killed him." I say and lift my foot off the brake. I hit the gas and the car lurches forward.

"How did you kill him? How do you know him?"

"He had kidnapped me too. I first met him at high school. I had to go there for a couple days so I could graduate and get my diploma. Brian was there he showed me around campus and we had a thing. Probably for just a day and then he cheated on me. I obviously broke it off and moved on in life. But then I started getting text messages. Creepy weird things about me. Things that no one but me should know. Brian used those things to get in my head, he made me believe that I'm something I'm not. He asked me to kill my husband. And I... I almost went through with it. I'll never forgive myself for that. When Justin found out he basically threw me out. And that night in the alley way Justin left me in I was kidnapped. It was probably some of the worst days of my life. The things that happened there are things people like to imagine aren't realties. I forgot who I was and I just wanted to move on and leave it behind. I was so angry. I was so angry at Justin. I was so mad that he left me to be kidnapped. I remember that I screamed out his name and he never came. I kept waiting for him to come save me the whole time. But by the time he came I had lost hope in everything. My brain shut out every memory of Justin, because it hurt too much. I remember looking into his eyes and not knowing who he is. I remember seeing pictures of us in my room and on my phone. But I couldn't recognize him. I couldn't remember who he was. And it hurt! Because I felt so confused. And then at a therapy group session I met Brian again. He was there to pick up his younger sister. I don't know if he was actually there for his sister. Or if he was just trying to target me. Somehow he always knew what the right thing to say was. And I think I fell in love with him. I don't think it was real love. Because the real me was still in love with Justin. Justin wouldn't give up and he fought to get me back. He fought to make me remember what we had and our love. And eventually I did remember and I left Brian and I thought he was out of my life and I would never see him again. But then we went on vacation and Brian hijacked our plane. That's when I realized what Brian was doing. Ironically the government "saved" us from there. But truly they were just trying to give us a false sense of reality. Make us think we're safe and then at the last minute pull the rug out from beneath us. This world isn't the same anymore. People seen dying every day and the government is completely fine with it. They're trying to replace the people of America that are too dumb or too weak with people that smarter and stronger. Our world is never going to be the same. And there is nothing we can do about it." I explain all this and by the end I realize how bitter I am about everything. Brian took a lot of things away from me but probably the worst was taking away my innocence. He made me lose hope in this world and in humanity. I'll ever be the same person again. I'll never stop looking behind my back waiting for someone to stab me.

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