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"I am bored grey" I whined sitting in my mathematics class.

"Same pinch" He said and pinched me hard.

I squealed.

I saw a bruise started forming.

Grey panicked.

"I didn't mean to hurt you lessie. I am so sorry. " He apologized.

"But it doesn't even hurt. Look" I showed him pinching the same spot where he pinched me.

"But I still gave you a bruise. I am sorry lessie" He apologized once again.

"Don't be silly grey. I forgive you. " I said giggling.

He breathed a sigh of relief.

He hugged me.

I also saw red spots around the bruise but I ignored it and hugged him back.

"If you both are done will you please focus on the board. " The teacher said looking at both of us sternly.

I blushed in embarrassment and started writing incoherent words in my notebook pretending that I am writing.

Grey just laughed at my embarassment.

I just sent him a glare in response.

After a long boring time, the lecture ended.

I packed my things and stood up only to see grey looking at the bruise with sad eyes.

I felt bad for him.

"It's okay grey. It doesn't hurt. " I said and gave him a hug to console him that it doesn't hurt anymore.

"B-but I am sorry lessie" He said.

We broke the hug and got out of the class.

"Which is your next class lessie" Grey asked.


"Oh great "


"Because Alessandro has the same class"


"And I will drop you to your next class"


"But we still have 10 minutes before the class"


"So we can take a stroll or find some of our friends"


"So let's go"

After a session of saying ok's he dragged me to find someone.

I decided to call bubby.

"Grey can I please call bubby"

"Yeah sure"

I took out phone from my hoodie's pocket and clicked on the first contact which was 'BUBBY❤'

He picked up on the first ring.

"Hi baby. Are you okay? Are you hurt? Have you eaten you breakfast? Do you have stomach ache? Are you injured somewhere? Should I come to pick you up? -"

I interrupted bubby with a giggle.

He breathed a sigh.

"Bubby I miss you" I said pouting even though he couldn't see me.

"Me too sweetheart, me too" He said.

"What are you doing" I asked.

"Missing you" He said and I could practically feel him pouting.

I giggled again.

"Bubby it's time for my next class. I will talk to you later. " I said when Grey made a time over motion to me.

"Bye baby. I will miss you. I love you"

"Bye bubby. I love you too. "

I ended the call with that.

"It's time for our next class missy" Grey dragged me to my next class.

"Bye lessie. Will miss ya" He said as we reached the door.

"Will miss you too" I said and walked inside.

I saw sandro sitting at the last bench with his head down.

I happily jogged over to the last bench.

I sat beside sandro and tapped his shoulder.

He didn't show any movement so I whispered in his ear.

"Sandro" I whispered.

His head whipped over to me.

He narrows his eyes.

"Don't call me that" He grumbles.

"But your name is too long. " I said pouting.

"No it isn't"

"I was deciding to go for even smaller one and call you Sandy. " I said still pouting.

He looked at me with with wide eyes like I just attempted a murder.

"You can call me Sandro but not Sandy" He whisper shouted to me.

I shrugged my shoulders and looked forward as the teacher entered the class.

Halfway into the class, I felt a pair of eyes on me.

I looked around only to see a cute boy staring at me.

When he saw that I caught him staring, he gave me a wide smile.

I gave a smile back not to be rude.

Apparently, Sandro saw that as he pulled my chair closer to his.

He glared at the boy who just looked down at his book.

"Sandro. Don't be rude" I whined.

"But he was staring at you" He mumbled.

"It's okay" I said and patted his head.

He only huffed and started focusing on the sir who was teaching.


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