Request For Symphony

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Omniscient: Symphony & Kid Lucas are the power couple, idolized and the most hated on. Everything they do, they do it together, You see one, you see the other, it's that real true true love. The matching outfits? Matching phone cases with each other photos? They got it. I mean they are the CUTEST COUPLE on the web. Everyone hates it and this is a story of how a friends betrayal can either break them up, or keep them stronger. What happens when a friend hates so much and would do anything to split them up? They are the cute, funny, silly power couple... You may heard of them as WUGGA (lmao))


"Oh my god, Lucas Quit. Unlike you, I have tons of work to do."

"Come on baby, Just c'mere. Give me some love."

"You going to leave me alone so I can do my work?" I asked him


I sighed and sat my books down and went over and sat on his lap. He kissed my cheek and laid me down on him, pulling my legs on the other end of the couch and laying my head on his shoulder

"You gone do work all day?" He asked pouting a little

I ran my fingers through his hair , "If you help me maybe I can get done faster."

"Aight, cool." he said

I got off his lap and grabbed my books and he followed me upstairs to our bedroom and we laid on the bed and I got to working while his ass was taking pictures

"Uh, Lucas. Ain't you supposed to be helping me so I can get don't faster?" I asked him

He laughed, "Sorry baby. Take a selfie with me though"

"I can't with you." I said laughing

"Come here, don't be like that." he said

I kept laughing and rolled over on my stomach getting to work.

"Y'all see how bae doing me." I heard him say

I looked over at him, "Kid, I got homework to finish up. You made me late for my last assignment."

"Pssh, don't lie." he said

"Don't make me put my foot up your ass Lucas Coly, you and your followers gone be hurting cause you know damn well you was the cause of me being late."

"Damn you so violent." he said holding his heart while still video taping

"But, I still love you." he said crawling on the bed and kissing me, I kissed back

"Help me, Lucas and Put the camera down so I can get down faster and when can do whatever you want."

"Whatever I want?" He asked point the camera back to me

"Whatever you want." I said biting my lip

"Aight, Deal. Come on, Kid let's get this work in." he said slapping my ass

"Ugh, Stop doing that Lucas." I said laughing


"Finally thought your ass wasn't going to never get it done." he joked

I rolled my eyes and put my work away, "What you wanna do?"

"I just wanna be with you." He said

I smiled and crawled up to the headboard between his legs and kissed his jawline, "Is that true??"

"You know it is."

I smiled and he took our picture and video taped us,

"You gone make them mad." I told him

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