Easter! <Hiro>

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-------------------------(Y/N) --------------------------
YouI ran down one of the many streets of San Fransokyo. You had to get there before all the food Easter Baskets were gone! You ran through the doors of the nearest grocery store.

"Um. . Sir? Can you tell me were the easter baskets are?" you asked a store worker. He pointed in a direction. You nodded and ran in Saif direction. When yiu got there, all the ones with blue bunnies were gone, but there was a special basket that Hiro would love. You reached and grabbed the basket, which was themed (fav.tv.show). It had a stuffed animal of (main.character.name). You ran to check out and bought the thing.

When you got to the café, of which Hiro lived at, you sighed, seeing the sign that said they were closed. It wasn't even that late. You knocked in the glass door gentle. When no one came you pulled out your phone and called your best friend/crush/the person you have dirty dreams of, Hiro. You smile when he picks up.

"Hey! (Y/n)! What took you so long? We're upstairs making colored eggs!" Hiros voice ran happily.

"I'm right ou-" you managed to say just before you seen him running down the stairs. He whipped the door open and dragged you inside. "Come on!" he dragged you upstairs.

Once you were done climbing the stairs, you seen Tadashi, Mochi, and Aunt Cass making eggs. You smiled handed Hiro the gift quickly. You didn't want it to be awkward so you just showed it in his arms. You sat next to Tadashi on a green stool. "Hey bro." You fist bumped Tadashi.

-------------------------Hiro --------------------------

S. . . She gave me a gift. . Oh my god. . SHE GAVE ME A GIFT! My (Y/n) gave me, Hiro Hamada, a GIFT!! YES!

I ran over to (Y/n), spun the stool around, and kissed her. Which. . Wasn't the smartest thing in earth because Aunt Cass squealed and Tadashi laughed and recorded it. (Y/n) was the definition of Fifty Shades Of Red, Ok? I closed my eyes and kept kissing, holding her waist. Soon, (Y/n)''s shock died down and she kissed back, wrapping her arms around my neck.

"I feel uncomfortable. . ." Tadashi mumbled to Aunt Cass, making (Y/n) laugh and making our lips no longer in sync. I glared at Tadashi.

"Moment Ruiner. . " I pouted. "You sick Tadashi,really."

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