Chapter Twenty | Mistletoe

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🎄 Christmas special 🎄
Chapter 20 | mistletoe

Gabriella's pov

I wake up to very loud Christmas music blasting. I turn to my left to see a very hot, muscular, black haired, perfect sharp jawline man sleeping next to me. It wasn't Grey.

Just kidding, it was.

As if he saw me staring at him, he opened his eyes and gave me a beautiful smile with those dimples I adore.

"Who the fuck is listening to music this loudly.?" Grey says, his voice deeper than usual. Hot.

"Who else." I say, referring to his mom who loves Christmas music even when it's not winter.

Grey then pulls me closer to him onto his chest. It's warm and I could fall asleep right now. I wrap my arms around his torso, snuggling him like a huge 6'3 teddy bear.

"You're adorable." He says, smiling down at me.

"You are too, you like a teddy bear." I say, smiling back.

"Are you calling me fat?" He says, In a bitchy girl voice.

"Yea I mean, look at this." I say, hitting his rock hard abs. It's morning, how is that even possible?

"Are they still not awake yet!!?" I hear Grey's abuela yell from downstairs. Making me move off of my warm sleeping bag. This lady has a voice, let me tell you.

I wore booty shorts and Greys shirt to sleep yesterday, my brown hair in a huge bun, I look like a mess.

Im standing on my tippy toes so I can see myself fully in the mirror. Why are the mirrors so damn high? I know why, everyone in this family are 5'6 and up.

Grey sees me struggling and laughs, smacking my ass. I give him the middle finger, not being able to talk with toothpaste in my mouth.

I end up wearing blue jeans, a black body, a black leather jacket, natural make up, and I straightened my hair because it wasn't wash day..

"You look beautiful babe." Grey says, wrapping his hands around my waist.

"You look hot." I say, he really does. He's wearing black fancy pants with a LV belt, a black half button dressy shirt, and his hair is it's usual fluffy mess.

"So does this." I say, smacking  his ass, running out of the room. Pay back bitch.

Downstairs is crazy. The Christmas tree has over 100 presents under it. I wish I was joking, everyone is gathered around it, talking and laughing.

So this is what it feels like to have a real family, I think to myself.

"Finally they're here!!" Zoey says, grabbing my hand, dragging me to the Christmas tree. I of course brought Christmas presents for all the people that I knew.

"ok let's start with the kids!!" His abuela says, giving presents to the kids. Their reaction to the gifts were too cute. After many gift giving, it was Greys and my gifts left under the Christmas tree.

"I'll go first." Grey says, picking up 10 gifts. And putting them right next to me with a huge grin on his face.

"Grey, you didn't have to." I said. Feeling guilt for only getting him 4 gifts.

"I did. You deserve way more than it too." He says, kissing me.

How'd I get so lucky?

"Open this one first." Grey says, giving me a Farley large box, it wasn't heavy for its size so I was confused.

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