35 | Woes of Conscience

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"Tell me what's going on

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"Tell me what's going on."

From the passenger's seat of my car, Zak shot me a sideways glance as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. I was tempted to slap them out of his fingers, but I kept my hands firmly on the wheel and watched from the corner of my eye as he rolled down the window.

"Like I said," he began, speaking around the cigarette he had just placed between his lips, "She's supposedly getting married, but I think it's just a scam. She must have come up with it because she knew it would get Phillips to come back to her -- or at least keep him away from you. Apparently, the guy is nicer than he looks, though I find that hard to believe."

Zak scowled and flicked open his lighter, bringing the flame the cigarette before shoving it back into his pocket. His look of distaste lifted some as he took a long drag and blew the stream of smoke out the window. In that moment, I could finally see the family resemblance between Marcus and Zak, something that had never been overly obvious. Though their features were similar, Zak's deviousness and Marcus's sweet innocence put them poles apart, but with this one little vice they seemed eerily identical.

"That's so stupid," I scowled, gunning the Lambo as I headed in the direction of Key Bridge. "He'd never do anything like that for anyone, especially her."

I doubted myself even as I said the words. For practically my entire life, I had viewed Sebastian as an asshole through and through. If it hadn't been for those rare moments that I had seen the caring person inside, I probably would have never fallen for him in the first place, and it was what had won me over in the end. The guy actually had a heart, surprising as that was, and now it seemed that Blair was using that to her advantage. She knew there was no way he could turn down her plea for help, especially if it were about something as serious as marriage. But honestly, if the whole thing was actually true, I might have actually pitied her.

Zak shot me a skeptical look as he took another puff. "They were looking pretty cozy earlier. Do you want proof?"

I cursed under my breath when I hit a red light and looked towards Zak as I waited for it to turn green again. "You have it?"

Zak nodded and produced his phone, glancing once more in my direction as he scrolled through its contents. "Sure you want to see?"

"Shut up and show me."

I was in the process of drawing in a deep breath when he turned the screen towards me. My breath caught in my chest when I realized what I was looking at.

Blair and Sebastian were the focal point of the dim, grainy photograph, taken inside of what was obviously the hole-in-the-wall coffee shop Zak had referred to. They were seated across from each other at a small table, both leaning in to hear the other. Judging from their serious expressions, this wasn't a light conversation.

But I didn't care. The fact that they had even been together without my knowledge made me want to scream.

"So you weren't lying after all," I mumbled, mouth suddenly dry.

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