34 | Two Truths and a Lie

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I was convinced I had become a zombie overnight

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I was convinced I had become a zombie overnight. Well, either that or I had the hangover from hell, but I was leaning more towards the former, only because it sounded cooler.

The clock on the bedside table read seven thirty-nine when I glanced over, eyes slowly adjusting to the sun streaming in through the blinds. It wasn't until the red numbers morphed into seven-forty that I realized it was Monday morning, and school started in exactly twenty minutes.

That sent me into panic mode.

My stomach threatened rebellion when I rolled out of bed, but I managed to keep it in check as I stumbled towards my closet. It was on days like this that I was thankful Trinity had a uniform, cutting out the chore of having to pick out an outfit for the day. Not that it would have been that hard for me, seeing as I would have been just fine throwing on a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt. However, in the past few months, my normal off-brand items had been replaced with designer frocks, courtesy of my mother and the labels who had been stupid enough to put me in their campaigns.

It took me a pitiful five minutes to pull on my uniform, and another five to find a pair of tights to ward off the March chill. I was in the middle of trying to zip up my skirt when my phone rang. I shimmied towards the dresser to grab it before the ear shattering volume made my head explode.

"What?" I snapped, managing to balance the device between my ear and my shoulder.

"After everything I did for you last night, that's the kind of greeting you give me? I'm hurt, baby."

I nearly dropped the phone at the sound of Sebastian's voice, but I couldn't stop the blush that consumed my cheeks at the memory of the previous evening.

"I suppose I should be thanking you," I said, relieved that the words didn't come out as a pitiful squeak. "Last night was--"

"Mind blowing? The best you've ever had?" he offered hopefully.

"I was going to go with intense, but those'll work too." Smiling, I turned my attention back to my skirt, managing to get my fingers around the tiny zipper. "If you're calling to see why I'm not outside yet, it's because I just woke up. Give me two minutes and I'll be there."

"Actually," Sebastian began hesitantly, though I couldn't be sure what that strange note in his voice was. "Something came up and I can't drive you to school today. But don't worry, I sent Michael to get you."

"Sure, that's fine," I replied, finally fastening my skirt. "And you know, I could have driven myself."

"Since when do you drive?"

"Screw you, I have my license. I just didn't have my car shipped here when I moved."

"Well, fancy that," he teased, any former apprehension in his voice gone. "If I had known, I wouldn't have sent Michael. He should be just a few minutes away if he's not there already."

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