Chapter 5- Savior

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I starred at jeff, blood dripped from the knife in his hand.

"jeff...?" jeff nodded and lept to the other girl. she screamed when she saw his face, buy jeff silenced her with a slash to her throat.

she dropped to the ground. dead, just like the first.

The last girl stumbled to her feet and tried to run but jeff caught her.

he ran up behind her and stabbed her through the back. she Screamed out and then became still.

i looked around at the three dead bodies, not knowing what to do. i had just watched 3 people die right in front of me. and the killer was only a few feet ahead.

i looked up at jeff, hes starring at me as if waiting for something. i dont move.

after a few seconds of silene, i ask,"why did you kill them?"

Jeff hesitates, studying me. then he replies,"they were hurting you. i couldnt just let them attack you like that. it wasnt a fair fight"

i look at him, studying hs white face and black hair.

jeff notices and pulls his hood up, covering his face.he tries to turn away but i grab his shoulder.

"hey, youve tried to kill me 2 times, lost your nerve and ran away! i think i deserve an explanation as to why you killed them,"i look down at the bodies, but quickly look back to jeff"and yet you still dont kill me."

jeff glares at me, his black eyes even darker in he shadow of his blood stained hoodie, but then his eyes seem to soften slightly, he turns half way to me. "your...different from them."

"how am i different?"i ask him

Jeff doesn't reply, but reaches his hand to my cheek, tracing the edges of the scratch. i was still bleeding from it, but some how jeffs hand was comforting. he narrows his eyes at the blood, but drops his hand.

the cold air stings the cut a bit but i didnt care.

jeff takes a step back,"i-i gotta go..."

"wait!,"i cry out. but jeff was already running away, back to the woods."why do you keep running away...?"I whisper. i couldnt deny the longing to go after jeff. but i could ignor it.

i turned to the bodies on the ground. how was i going to cover this up?

~jeffs pov~

i growled quietly to myself. why did i have to interfere with thats girls life?Isiss. why didnt she run or scream at me like everyone else did?

i ran at a full sprint through to woods, i had to get away. me killing thoes girl would draw attention.

i reached into my pocket and pulled out the knife, examining my reflection while i ran. I was confused, why was this girl so different. something about her drew me to her, and i sort of hated it.

then, something moved in the bushes just ahead of me. i stopped, and crouched. if it was a human, i could just kill her or him.

but i also had enemies.

A little black head of a fox poped out and i relaxed, Mist was a friend.

"hey," i said, as i slipped the knife back into my bloody hoodie.

mist troted out,"hey jeff. you just made a new kill?"

"three acually."i walked along side the black fox.

Mist smirked,"why kill so many?" she asked me.

i shruged,"no real reason."