Chapter Twenty-Two Part Two

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Time did pass too slowly.

Lady Isobel merely acknowledged my presence. Byron, though, the other person that worked with her was really nice and seemed actually surprised at more than once occasion. Huh. It made me think that they did hire me out of my father's last name and actually thought that I wouldn't know what to do.

So, you could understand that at 4:30, when I finally got home, I was really stressed and angry. Seeing Scott was the only thing I looked forward too.

Closing the door, I peeked around our modern house to find it empty. Kate had been really lucky to find an opening at the newspaper she wanted to work at. Well, luck had not much to do with it, she was an impressive journalist, and I was really happy for her. Sighing, I took off the black boots that were killing me and dropped by the door. I still had a little time before Scott arrived, so I walked blindly through the house until I got to my room.

After being here for the last two weeks, my room was the only room in the house that was all set. The rest of the house had only some furniture, but that was because Kate had insisted on buying everything together, and since she was swamp with work all the time, we hadn't found time to do it.

My room was spacious. It had a queen size bed in the middle with a turquoise comforter and some white pillows on top. Two bed stands by the sides, a glass jar with some flowers and one book. On the right side, there was a large window with a large pillowed bench. My favorite part of the room. I loved to lay there while I read a good book. I took off all my clothes and went straight to the bathroom.

Twenty minutes later, I was fretting over my choice of clothes. Scott didn't say where we'd be going, so I had no idea what to wear. After last week's, I wouldn't be surprised if he took me to dinner by the lions at the zoo, or something like that. It was really cute, though. The fact that he took me some place I'd love, had earned him points.

I laughed at myself.

He didn't need to earn more points...

The doorbell rang as I was finishing applying black eyeliner under my eyelashes, for a smoky kind of look. I checked myself in the mirror and smiled at my already flushed cheeks. On the end, I had decided to wear dark boot cut jeans, a white turtle neck and a cozy grey sweater. I added a little bit of color with some turquoise jewelry.

I practically ran down the stairs, careful not to trip this time, no need to embarrass myself. You know, not this early, at least...

Breathless, I eagerly opened the door with a wide smile. I was surprised to see Sean waiting for me. I looked behind him and found a black land rover parked on the street. Where is he? As if Sean could hear my thoughts, he cleared his throat, "Hi, Emiliy. Scott asked me to take you to him."

I tried to smile at him, but even as I tried, it came out a little bit strained. "Yeah, let me grab my coat."

Sean patiently waited for me at the steps. Then he walked me to the car and opened the front door for me.

He hadn't even come to get me?

I sighed trying to calm myself, since, to be honest; I was begging to get annoyed at this whole thing. I mean, just this morning I was thinking if this was a game for him. And this, well this was making me doubt everything...

Half an hour later, we arrived at the airport. When I noticed the large sign on the road, my growing annoyance decreased and transformed into utter curiosity. Sean had been silent all the time, but after we crossed the gates, I turned to him surprised to find him trying to hide his smile.

Narrowing my eyes at him, I asked, "Where are we going?"

"You'll find soon enough," was his short answer.

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