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When I arrived at the bar, I noticed that it wasn't your typical bar. It was centered around a fountain. It was one of those fountains that spewed water from the mouth of some sea creature. It looked to me like it was a dolphin that had wings. I'm not sure what the creature was called, but it was made of marble and was absolutely beautiful. The building that the bar was in had obviously been built around the fountain. As I walked around it, making my way to the table I now realized the wolf girl from earlier was at with her friend, I marveled at how such an exquisite piece of art could be the centerpiece for a bar. Didn't anyone ever fall into the pool when they'd imbibed a bit too much? I'm sure of it. That had to get annoying for the owners after the hundredth time.

"Hunter." The teenager acknowledged when I arrived at their table.

"Wolf." I responded in kind. "And.... Human?" I was understandably surprised when my gaze landed on the girl's friend. He looked to be about my age with sandy brown hair and hazel eyes. His straight nose and high brow were straight from a Greek statue. His angular jaw was tense as he stared at me in my cocktail dress that stopped midthigh.

"This is my friend, Angel," the wolf supplied, gesturing to her friend. If she was jealous that he kept staring at me she didn't show it. "I'm Vivian." She was a pretty girl earlier. Now, however, she'd put on makeup and slid her very feminine frame into a pretty black dress and ballet flats. The gold highlights of the dress made her eyes pop.

"Hi," I smiled at the pair. "I'm Camille. Cami, if you want." I perched myself on the edge of the empty chair opposite them. "So, what's this information you have about this vampire?" My question was directed at Vivian, but it was Angel who answered.

"He killed my sister. My twin sister."

I surveyed him. He looked like he was about to snap any minute. I just hoped I didn't piss him off enough to speed that along. I didn't want to fight a human. It didn't mean that I wouldn't, though. "I'm sorry. I will kill this guy, don't worry. Just tell me anything you know and we'll go from there." I studied him as he tensed and untensed the muscles in his jaw. He seemed to be thinking over something. Possibly what to tell me.

"He's young. Well, young looking. He's an ancient vampire, though," Angel finally said, his eyes narrowed in thought. "He's about my height, which is six foot, and unbelievably strong. When he's not perusing the local bars and clubs, he's been seen entering the local vampire bar." He'd rattled off names of the bars he had seen the vampire scouting.

Well, how very informatively vague, to which I said exactly that.

"I tried taking him on when he had my sister in his clutches. I couldn't. He's so much stronger than I am." That explained the constipated look he'd had on his face since I arrived. He was beating himself up over losing his sister. "I even tried unleashing my magic on him, but he beat my ass before anything could hit him."

"You're a witch?" I was surprised. Sure I knew they were out there, but I'd never met one. They generally kept to themselves and didn't get into trouble. Occasionally one would go dark and perform dark rituals, but they usually took care of their own rogues. They policed themselves very fiercely and hunters only assisted if they requested backup. Which usually they never did.

"Yes," he replied. "I figured you'd known." He shot a sideways glance at Vivian.

"What?" she asked. "It's your business, not mine. I figured you'd tell her if you wanted her to know." She shrugged and picked up her drink, taking a sip from the straw.

"Are you even old enough to drink?" I asked dubiously, prepared to pull it from her hand.

"We're in Europe," Vivian raised an eyebrow. "Of course I'm old enough. I'm nineteen."

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