Part 78 - Trust

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Trust is like a sheet of paper... As long as it is kept well it will remain intact, once its crumpled it will never be the same again. In this world, trust isn't given out easily, but sometimes its worth the risk of a good life.


We had planned to approach the hospital in the cover of darkness, that way if any thing were to go wrong we had the shadows on our side. We crept towards the silent hospital, both Rick and Daryl had the officers within their grasp. Their wrists were shackled with their own handcuffs, all that was heard is the soft chime of the lose chain between their hands. The streets were desolate, you could go as far is to say that the streets were completely dead, there were no walkers, none at all, I felt a wave of uneasiness trickle over me as we ventured through the soulless streets.

"This is gonna go south, I just know it." Sasha appeared next to me, her pace and stance were both uneasy and erratic, her glance never stayed in one direction for more than a second, her eyes kept darting back and fourth. "Will you relax Sasha? It's going to be fine, just like we planned" Tyreese chimed in trying to calm Sasha's nerves and lighten the mood a little. "How do you know that?!" Sasha retorted, as she tried to whisper yet yell at the same time. I held my pace back as they walked past me a little, I didn't want to get in the middle of whatever argument was brewing. I could see Rick turn around to tell them to be quiet every couple of steps, "Sasha be quiet! We don't wanna drew any wa-" Rick's sentence was interrupted as a surge of walkers slowly flooded the once eerily quiet street, to a mass of flesh eating monsters. "Run! There's too many! Meet back at the warehouse!" Rick yelled dragging one of the officers with him, I turned to run too but there were walkers that had crept up behind us too. I frantically turned the other way to see no one there, except the dead closing in on me. "Rick!!" I yelped, "Rick where are you!" I began screaming, I didn't know where he was and I couldn't make a B-line towards the warehouse, whatever routes I could have taken were now filled with reanimate corpses. I scanned the are a for a way out, I couldn't see anything, for a moment I thought about the first time I had met Daryl and Rick when they had all taken me in when I had given up all hope. I couldn't do that again, not now, I have a baby to fight for. I have the man that I love to fight for! I scanned around again to find a small alleyway, I seized the opportunity and sped my way through the dead and to safety through the alleyway.

All I could see was walkers, they were everywhere, I couldn't even shout out for help, in fear of alerting the endless hordes. My breathing sped up, I needed to get out of here or I wouldn't make it at all. An all to familiar pain came running though my body like an electric shock "ugh! Not now please, just until I get away please baby!" I noticed a small woody area in the distance, if I got to that I might be okay and then I could go and find the others. My breath became hoarse and dry which made me cough, it was like I was choking on an endless supply of sand. The pain was growing but I couldn't stop, I ducked and weaved through stray walkers until I made it to the wooded area. When I was sure that I would be safe, I collapsed on to the cold, damp ground and let out a shrill wail of pain, a noise usually heard by dying animals in the wild. Though I tried hard to hide it, a near walker heard my cries and limped lazily towards me. The shocks that pulsed through me rendered my legs useless, I tried to crawl away but the pain was unbearable. "No! Get away from me you son-of-a-bitch!" I went for my gun and realised that if I let off a shot, then I would have the dead on top of me. I kept backing away but the walker was approaching me fast. This was it. I couldn't move anymore, the pain was too excruciating, I was either going to lose my baby if by some miracle someone found me, or I would be eaten alive.

I closed my eyes and waited for what ever fate awaited me, the ominous footsteps of the reanimated corpse grew louder. And louder. I placed my hand on my baby bump, "I'm so sorry" I sobbed. BANG. My eyes opened to see the walker fall to its knees, I spun my head around as far as I could to see a young man. I hesitated and stared at him for a second before reaching for my gun. "Woah Woah Woah!" He held his arms up to show he was unarmed, "Don't shoot... I- I'm not here to hurt you..." He paused slowly creeping towards "I have somewhere safe you and your group can go... My names Aaron .. I'm here to help"

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