Tied Up

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I was reading in my bed, comfortable in my pajamas. Something along the lines of World War One, but made into fiction in Scott Westerfeld's Leviathan. Prince Aleksander was in the midst of making a fool of himself while posing as a commoner. Ruddy pompous bloke, that one.

My focus broke from the story as another figure crawled under the covers behind me, scooting over to wrap an arm around my waist. Her fingers splayed over my stomach as her lips tickled my neck, and I closed my eyes, my breath becoming shallow as her hand snuck under the front hem of my shirt.

Her other hand, the left, gently pried my golden locks away from my neck, giving her lips more access. Her lips trailed up along my neck, the tip of her tongue slipping out to tease, and my breath hitched as my shirt raised by way of her right hand creeping upward. Her fingers, trailing over my belly, raised a bout of tingles that flow to my core.

She tugged at my ear with her teeth once, then moved us so that her slim body rested over mine, my back to the bed. "Aria..." I breathed, her hands tugging at my sweatpants. She pulled at their sides, bringing them down my hips a couple inches. My eyes met hers lustfully as I reached into her hair. She was naked, just out of the shower, and her hair was damp, not yet braided. She sat herself upon my exposed hips, making a slow riding motion, her eyes on me, only to tease. My core, meanwhile, grew moist.

She pushed my sleep shirt up just past the darker portion of my breasts as she lowered her seductively smirking lips to the underside of my left breast. She nipped at it freely, knowing that there, at least, she could leave her mark. Raising my arms above my head, I grasped the pillow with a whimper, biting my lip. Her hungry lips travelled down to my stomach, where her tongue played teasingly at my navel, dipping into the button. My torso inflated with a shuddering breath, squirming under her tongue in the promise of pleasure.

"Cassis..." her sultry voice murmured. Aria trailed hot kisses back up to my breasts, nipping at the darker portions before directing her lustful gaze up to my eyes. Her hand pushed slowly at my covered core, teasing, tempting, as she said to me, "Darling, let's try something new."

A submissive whimper escaped me as she rubbed over a sensitive spot on the nub, and I bit my lip in a nod.

Suddenly, her weight was off of my body.

Looking up at her from the bed, I found her standing, stark naked, hands on her hips as she studied my ceiling. "Desman?"

She looked from a hook on the ceiling to a belt left lying on my bedroom floor, then over at me. The hook was positioned conveniently above my large bed. Picking the belt from the floor, she closed the buckle on the last hole, creating a full loop. Standing on the bed again, she attached the belt to the hook, then motioned for me to stand. Hesitantly, I did so. The looped belt hung above my head, not too far up.

Aria stepped up close to me and stroked her fingers through my hair, twirling a golden lock about her thin finger. Aiming to and succeeding in distact me, she brought her lips near, tilting her head to her right just slightly to deepen the kiss. Her tongue daringly tasted my lips, seeking entry. I parted my lips, but battled her tongue for dominance; my tongue pushed past hers, enveloping it and tugging gently at it, causing a low moan to emanate from her lips. Her hands, at my hips, tugged me roughly closer, though I remained beneath the belt.

Aria then took control of the kiss, and pulled the tank top over my head. She placed one more kiss upon my lips and looked into my eyes. She still loved me, despite us both wanting another. I knew this, and it made me feel guilty. Unable to hold her gaze, I averted my eyes, only to have my chin raised. She held my blue eyes with her brown ones, the little fleck of grey in the corner of her left claiming my attention.

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